Cebu’s dancesports gold medalists’ dance cover of ‘Tala’ goes viral

Despite having been a banger in 2016, Sarah Geronimo’s “Tala” has only rose to fame in the last quarter of 2019. People of different ages and stages have been grooving to its iconic dance moves.

However, just when we have thought that its phase in the dancing arena has surpassed, here is yet another cover from our well-loved Cebuano champions. Unlike the other covers that have been circulating on the internet, Cebuanos surely like to take it up a notch – the dancesports way!

Philippines’ prides, Grand Champion in the Dancesport category (Salsa, Rumba, and Chacha) during the recently concluded SouthEast Asian Games: Pearl Marie Cañeda and Wilbert Aunzo, didn’t disappoint!

They made sure to groove in every move and sway along the way. They may have not copied the steps of the iconic “Tala,” they made sure it’s still worth watching and of course, sharing.

Trust me if I tell you, the “Tala” dance craze, as of this writing, is showing no signs of being buried in the hatchet. Yup, it’s not going to die down soon.

Watch the viral video below taken and posted by Jay-r de la Calzada:

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