Cebu City to revive strict border control, Q-Pass Coding starting Nov 16

As a response to the surge of new COVID-19 cases recorded in the city this week, Cebu City Mayor Edgar Labella announced today that the city will re-implement the strict border control and Quarantine Pass (Q-Pass) coding starting Monday, November 16 at 5:01AM.

Only the following people are allowed to cross the border:

  • Legitimate concerns
  • Living and working in Cebu City
  • Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR)

Mayor Labella assured that the Cebu City is still placed under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) but these restrictions will be revived to prevent the surge of COVID-19 cases in the city.

“Dili na kita buot nga mobalik sa enhanced community quarantine mao kinahanglan nga magmatngon gihapon kita samtang anaa pa ang virus.Importanti alang kanako nga luwas ang tanan batok COVID-19 mao nga akong gihangyo ang tanan nga tabangan ang City Government pinaagi sa pag-cooperate.”

— Mayor Edgar Labella

On November 14, the whole island of Cebu — Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu City, Mandaue City, and the Cebu Province — recorded 158 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 6 new recoveries, and no new deaths. This brings Cebu’s total confirmed cases to 22,127, while the active cases have jumped to 730 (from 577).

Executive Order No. 105:

The City Government will continue to require only a valid ID and certificate of employment from those who work in Cebu City but live in other areas of Cebu.

The city will also honor the travel clearances of people outside Cebu arriving in the city before the effectivity on November 20, 2020 of EO 105 with its corresponding amendments.

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  1. Paano po kung pasahero pabalik ng Manila at meron na pong ticket ng Airlines pauwi? Naghatid lang po ako ng taga dito sa Cebu at tinapos ko lang ang Quarantine ko dito kaya pauwi na po ako sa 23, makakapasok po ba ako nan? Galing Maghanoy Cebu?

  2. They should monitor the ordinary buses. They are not following social distancing and packing their buses. If you point that out the driver will tell you: “Gi-ilad ra mo sa gobyerno.”

    Checking for something like this shouldn’t just be done on borders. They should let ordinary citizens to report such violations and they should revoke their permit to operate. It’s infuriating to see such attitudes on these trying times.

  3. BIG mistake!

    Solution is much more PCR Testing, Contact Tracing, Strict supervised Isolations And teaching Social Distancing and Proper (nose + mouth) mask wearing at all times outside your home.

    Not allowing people to gather together in groups for any purposes is also much better for fighting this virus while bringing back the essential economy.

    Also, someone needs to please teach the mayor that he should Never wear a face mask with vents (holes) in it!

    • Absolutely right indeed!! Before the Mayor tell everyone to help the government to minimize the Covid contamination but how come he always wear a mask with a hole? Do you think he is a good follower? Wear a proper mask please… and Cebu now is slowly come back to normal life .. How come we come back again to depressed situation? Strict rule but evens in the works in the government did not observed health protocol.. sad to say but it’s true!! Why everyone suffered just for the one who is hard to follow the health protocol? Especially the one who is always wearing mask with the hole? Is it for fashion or good looking aura? Hmmm… let us think about it ..

  4. […] Cebu City to revive strict border control, Q-Pass Coding starting Nov 16 IMPORTANT NOTE: The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without's notice. Should you know the updated information, please message us on Facebook. […]


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