Cebu City to start distributing new quarantine passes with QR codes

Starting today, June 26, 2020, barangay officials of Cebu City will start distributing the new QR passes to the households in their respective barangays. Since the quarantine passes previously issued have been suspended, the new passes will contain a QR code.

Cebu City’s spokesperson, Atty. Rey Gealon, the chiefs of the barangays in Cebu have agreed to this passes proposed by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) to further limit the movement of the residents.

A QR code will be printed on the passes and only ONE MEMBER of the household can use the pass, at a time.

Things to note:

  1. Don’t lose or throw away your Green Pass or White Pass as this can be recycled and will be updated with a QR code by the City Hall for control purposes. The new and updated passes will then be brought to the respective barangay halls starting on June 26.
  2. The barangay and the policemen will work together for the distribution of the new or updated QR passes. There should only be one pass per household.
  3. The City Government also planned to control the number of people going out through scheduling. Further announcements will be made.
  4. The City Government may also prohibit all Cebu City residents in going out except the Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR).

The law enforcers manning the checkpoints of every barangay will be monitoring the use of the QR passes.

Unless you are buying the needs of your family, doing bank errands, or attending to really important matters, please STAY AT HOME.

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