Cebu Capitol pushes for traditional healthcare, to train 16,000 brgy health workers

On June 26, Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, on her virtual presser,  commended and appreciated the rational statement of a medical group.

A copy of the medical groups’ statement about the infamous ‘tuob’ or steam inhalation received appreciation by Gov. Garcia.

The statement by some doctors admitted that steam inhalation can provide relief, but also warned us with possible burns and scalding. Hence, a careful use by not performing tuob communally has been recommended.

Gov. Garcia said that their joint statement is impressive.

“This is a rational, very sober, very careful statement. There is not one line here that prohibits steam inhalation,” she said.

The doctors’ statements included citations from scientific journals which recognized steam inhalation as a method to provide relief to nasal congestion and dry cough among others.

They also stressed that ‘tuob’ involves only ONE PERSON, and not many, under a blanket, which the governor agreed.

The medical groups who joined in the statement were from:

  • Philippine College of Chest Physicians
  • UP Alumni Cebu Chapter
  • Philippine College of Physicians
  • Central Visayas Chapter
  • Philippine College of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
  • UST Alumni Association Cebu Chapter
  • Philippine Obstetricians and Gynecologists Society
  • Philippine Academy of Family Physicians
  • Philippine Dermatological Society – Central Visayas
  • Society of Opthalmologists
  • Philippine College of Surgeons
  • Philippine Society of General Surgeons
  • Philippine Pediatric Society – Central Visayas
  • Philippine Respiratory Specialists of Cebu, Inc.

On June 27, the Cebu Capitol announced that traditional and alternative ways of healing will soon be institutionalized in the Province of Cebu as Governor Garcia is set to form a board to implement Republic Act (RA) 8423. This is “to push for the development of traditional and alternative health care in areas where medical services are not immediately available”.

With this, 16,000 barangay health workers in Cebu’s 44 towns and 7 cities will undergo training under the direction of the Provincial Traditional Health Care System (PTHCS) that will soon be created based on the composition recommended by Philippine Institute in Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC) 

Though ‘tuob’ has caused a stir among public officials and medical practitioners, we’d like to stress that one’s stand about steam inhalation might differ from the other, and we agree and respect your opinion.

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