Cebu Capitol to provide vegetable seeds via ‘SugBusog’, initiates a gardening contest

You can always do more even if you only have less.

This is what the Cebu Provincial Government is trying to instill in the minds of every Cebuano. They want your stay in the comforts of your homes productive through their SUGBUSOG campaign.

The Cebu Provincial Government will be providing the municipal agricultural offices with free easy-to-plant and easy-to-grow seeds. You can plant these seeds in pots or elsewhere.

The seeds ready for distribution are:

  • Spring Onions
  • Chinese Spinach (Upland Kangkong)
  • Lady Finger (Okra)
  • Eggplant
  • String Beans
  • Bitter Gourd (Ampalaya)

How to avail?

You may avail these free seeds through your municipal or city agriculture offices.

According to Dr. Roldan Saragena, Provincial Agriculturist’s Office chief, families can grow fast-maturing green leafy vegetables like Pechay within 20 days and Lettuce within 18 days.


SUGBUSOG, Sugboanong Busog, apart from being a platform to make the most out of everyone’s time while on ECQ, is also a contest. The municipal or city agriculturist will be choosing the top three best gardens.

The program, dubbed as “Sugboanong Busog (SugBusog),” encourages families to be more self-sufficient while enjoying their bonding time on ECQ.

The program is also a contest for the top three best gardens to be chosen by the municipal or city agriculturist. 

The best gardens will compete in the provincial level, Saragena said, and will be given substantial awards.

How to join?

Just go to the official Facebook Page: SUGBUsog “Sugbuanong Busog, Luwas, ug Himsog” or check the post below.

Project Mechanics

Production Guides

The program also shared production guidelines of vegetables so you can properly grow and take care of your garden.

Here are some posts they published:

It’s always good to reap what we sow ourselves. Let’s start digging then, shall we?

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