LOOK: Bayanihan Spirit seen in Medellin, Cebu

It is high time we show the world what Filipinos are capable of.

In a time when Filipinos tend to have put more importance to the foreign culture and things more than our own, Medellin in northern Cebu has showed the whole nation patriotism in its best way.

With an impregnable bayanihan spirit, 50 locals from Barangay Tindog in Medellin hand-carried their purok center to its permanent location beside their community stage.

This bayanihan spirit sets an example for the rest of the municipalities on exhibiting an important part of our rich culture.

Community Spirit, fondly called as bayanihan, is the ability to help one another without expecting for anything in return.

May this small act of bayanihan ignite the fire in every single one of you to also help our fellows, especially in time of adversity, without expecting for anything in return.

We, from Sugbo, being ambassadors of goodwill, are hoping for every one of us to help in keeping our rich culture alive by recognizing its value and importance.

Photos from Municipality of Medellin Cebu

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Sarah Ladeza
Sarah Ladeza
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