Global shipbuilder Austal just built its Biggest Ferry ever in Balamban

Cebu is on its way to the top globally and is now making waves even in the shipbuilding industry.

The vehicle-passenger ferry, Fjord Line’s FSTR (Hull 419), is the largest aluminum vessel ever constructed and launched in the Philippines – and the largest (by volume) ever constructed by Austal, worldwide.

To be known as FSTR, this 109 metre high-speed catamaran ferry was launched by Austal Philippines in their shipyard in Balamban, Cebu.

Trivia: A catamaran is a multi-hulled watercraft featuring two parallel hulls of equal size. It is geometry-stabilized and derives its stability from its wide beam.

Hull 419 was made by approximately 1,000-strong Filipino shipbuilding team utilizing local skills and expertise in design, engineering and shipbuilding.

I am exceptionally proud of the entire Austal Philippines team. The launch of Hull 419 from our newly expanded shipyard is a significant event that highlights our capability to deliver multiple projects concurrently – safely and cost effectively.

– Austal Philippines President Wayne Murray

FSTR features:

  • Transporting 1,200 passengers
  • Speed: 40 knots (nautical mile per hour)
  • Carry 404 cars across two decks

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