Atabay Peak: Short trek and a panoramic view in Tuburan

The province of Cebu has been known to shelter several mountain peaks that had tickled the adventurous feet of Cebuanos and mountain trekkers coming from the different parts of the country. We have Osmeña Peak, Kandungaw Peak, and Mt. Naupa to name a few.

Tuburan, the largest municipaliy of Cebu, isn’t just about springs as its name implies but it also houses one of Cebu’s refreshing views from the top – Atabay Peak.

Photo from Cebu Random Snapper

Atabay Peak is located in Brgy. Marmol, Tuburan, Cebu. Your habal-habal ride from the town proper to the jump off point will be filled with beautiful landscapes as you traverse the uphill roads.

The view from the top is a sight to behold. Visitors often take their photos while they’re on top of the rocky limestone formation found at the peak. The panoramic view of the green scenery and verdant hills make a good background for your photos.

Photo from Cebu Random Snapper
Photo from Cebu Random Snapper

But more than the photos, the breeze of the air and the scenery you’ll get here are something that soothe the deepest parts of you that yearns freedom from all the crazy things that have been going on lately; the parts that seek momentary pause from things that cause us unspeakable anxieties.

Unlike the famous mountain peaks that have been featured by most of the online sites, this one is different. The hike going to the peak from the base will only take more or less five minutes of your time. Just a walk in the park. A good starting point too for mountain trekking wannabes.

The peak’s accessibility might be the reason why locals and people from all over Cebu still flock the area.

The trail though can be quite tiring for some who are not used to mountain trekking, but it can be a good morning exercise. It’s bushy and amorseco plants are everywhere.

Photo from Cebu Random Snapper

There is no entrance fee for your trek to Atabay Peak but there’s a donation box at the jump off point. Also, take extra caution when at the peak especially on the rock formation as the weather can be very windy and it might cause you to lose your balance. Lastly, leave no trace.

If you got extra time, you can also visit Marmol Cliff also found in Marmol, Tuburan.



  • Entrance fee: None as of the moment
  • Camping is not allowed


Exact location: Atabay’s Peak, Atabay, Marmol, Tuburan, Cebu — 2 hours away from Cebu City.

BY COMMUTE: You can take a bus from the North or South Bus Terminal going to Tuburan. The trip will last up to 3 hours. You may also ride a V-Hire from the Ayala Center Terminal. Travel time for the second option is only 2 hours. Upon your arrival at Tuburan, look for a motorcycle taxi (habal-habal) that will take you to Atabay Peak. Travel time is less than 30 minutes, and the fare is P50 per person per way. One habal-habal can carry 3 passengers.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Atabay, Brgy. Marmol” in Tuburan. Ask around where to find the jump off point for Atabay Peak. Parking space is limited and you’ll need a well-conditioned vehicle, as you’ll be driving on a steep and winding road.


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