LOOK: Angkas proposes plastic shields as new normal

Even though this is to adhere to the “physical distancing” rule, the prohibition on the “no back ride policy” has been faced with backlash ever since its announcement.

The motorcycle have been one of the major means of transport in the city and that’s why Angkas has decided to appeal to the government with their proposed “Plastic shields” presented by Angkas chief transport advocate George Royeca.

These plastic shields will be mounted on the driver’s back to screen the transfer of bacteria from the passenger to the driver, and vice versa.

These shields are designed to be drag-resistant ensuring that they are safe for the road.

“We understand that there are social distancing req, and if we look at motorcycles it’s a clear violation kasi malapit talaga and pasahero and driver. But we’ve seen that all over the world everyone is providing solutions to remedy the situation.”

– George Royeca, Angkas chief transport advocate

Angkas requires its drivers to have helmets, face masks, and vests with waist handles.

We all should learn to live with it (Covid-19) in order for us to move forward.

If this proposal will be approved and Angkas is allowed to operate, passengers are required to use their own helmets and face masks. They are also looking into subjecting their bikers to testing.

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