White Taxi vs Yellow Taxi – What’s the Difference?

Cebu is definitely one of the busiest cities in the country. With lots of people bustling all over the streets and tourists trying to fill that wanderlust in this dear queen city of the south, chances are you might be one of those tourists. If so, you need to learn the specifics of any tourist’s go-to mode of transport – the taxi.

White Taxi

Metered white taxis are the most popular and abundant in the city. They are basically everywhere in Cebu and can be hailed traditionally on the streets. However, some taxis are using apps like Grab Taxi to get passengers.

Rate: The flag down rate for a white taxi is ₱40 inclusive of the first 500 meters, an additional of ₱2 per minute while inside the vehicle and an additional of ₱13.50 per succeeding kilometer traveled.

Yellow Taxi

Metered yellow taxis are not really common within the city, as they are more popular to be parked and waiting for passengers outside airports. They are the service cabs for passengers who dropped off from their flights.

Rate: For yellow taxis, the flagdown rate is ₱70 inclusive of the first 500 meters, an additional of ₱4 for every 2 minutes within the vehicle and ₱4 for every succeeding 300 meters traveled.

It should be noted that yellow taxis are notoriously infamous online for overcharging and scamming passengers, especially tourists outside Cebu or the country. So before you ride these, make sure to talk with the driver about the rates and be wary with the meter. Navigating with Waze or Google Maps and doing some research about the geography about Cebu is advised too, if possible.

No matter where you are going, always be mindful and knowledgeable with the transportation and traffic here in Cebu. In the long run, you’ll save money and time but more importantly, your trip within the city will be hassle-free!

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  1. white taxi also cheat i was asked 162 php to go to an hotel 3km from airport at night.
    and he wanted 3500php to go to moalboal when the taximeter is 1800-1900

  2. the ltfrb has not properly studied the trip charges of the yellow taxi why some drivers were tempted to do prohibited acts like manipulating meter, contracted fare or whatsoever that is illegal per se. if everybody knows about the exact computation how much the yellow taxi driver spent for a one trip to deliver a passanger maybe some of them could understand why those things happened and could tell that this really needs a thorough reobservation and evaluation by the ltfrb if the metered fare gave profit to the drivers.

    the yellow taxi driver rented the cab 24hrs for 1300.00 pesos. the common number of trips a yellow driver has in the entire 24hrs are 8 trips, so 1300 devided by 8 it would be 162.50 cab rent per trip. plus 10 pesos airport toll pay now it already costs to 172.50. then for example the yellow taxi driver has a passenger to deliver in mandaue city the cab more or less consumes 1 and a half liter of gas for the round trip so more or less it costs 80 pesos, the driver spent more or less 252.50 to deliver a passenger in mandaue and how much the metered fare from the airport to mandaue it only costs 120.00 then how much deficit has the yellow taxi driver per trip.

    the passangers were happy for the safe delivery to their respective destination but unaware how much deficit the driver has for the round trip. for this reason few were tempted to do illegal act to make profit for a trip.

    • The yellow taxi management was so AMAZED.NO SSS,PAG IBIG, PHILHEALTH benifits .TAXI RENTAL 1300 24hrs GASOLINE price 5 pesos per liter higher than maximum price such as Shell, petron ect. Without OFFICIAL RECIEPT/BIR ALWAYS the DRIVER purchase/refill gasoline.Company ID@Uniform are for Driver expences? Visit to the company for more BLESSINGS..

    • Yes, as what mentioned above, yellow taxi can only make business inside the airport. They can not pick up passenger outside the airport, after dropping off passenger from the airport, they are required to go back to airport to pick up again passenger.


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