6 Ramen Restaurants you should try in Cebu

It’s September now and as expected, it’s a rainy month. It’s a season that can easily shift one’s moods and daily plans. Many have different ways of coping with the season, but for me, personally, one good way is treating yourself with a good bowl of ramen.

It is true, that most Cebuanos have acquired a taste when it comes to ramen. This Japanese dish has captured the Cebuano palate as various ramen shops have been popping in the area in the past few years. Here are the top 6 ramen shops in Cebu.

1. Ramen Yushoken

Ramen Yushoken is always on the critics’ list when it comes to the top ramen shops here in the city. The reason for that is that Koji Tashiro, a ramen champion where his recipe was the main basis for this restaurant’s flavorful ramen making it a topnotch choice.

A little history in the shop’s name, ‘yusho’ translates to ‘champion’ while ‘ken’ is Japanese for ‘house’.

  • Operating hours: 11AM to 11PM daily
  • Contact number: (02) 808 7424
  • Social: Facebook Page
  • Location: Oakridge Business Park, AS Fortuna, Mandaue City, Cebu
Ramen Yushoken Cebu Mandaue (1)

2. Hamakaze Dining and Bar

For those who are still planning to try ramen for the first time, Hamakaze Ramen is perfect since it offers a good selection of ramen dishes. They serve traditional ramen and at the same time, their prices are reasonably affordable.

  • Operating hours: 12PM to 3PM, 6PM to 5AM daily
  • Contact number: (032) 505-4220
  • Social: Facebook Page
  • Location: AS Fortuna, Mandaue City, Cebu — across Lightsite Parc / The Space.

3. Rai Rai Ken

This authentic ramen house is considered as one of the oldest here in the city, as they opened shop in 1993. Having existed for more than two decades, this proves that they are definitely one of the best ramen stores around.

  • Operating hours: 10AM to 9PM daily
  • Contact number: (032) 233-2242
  • Social: Facebook Page
  • Branches:
    • SM City Cebu
    • Ayala Center Cebu
    • Gaisano Mactan Island Mall
    • SM City Consolacion
    • Robinsons Fuente Cebu City

4. Tongara Ramen

Tongara basically derived their name by combining tonkotsu (pork bone broth) and torigara (chicken bone broth). The two are actually their main secrets in serving delicious ramens, as patrons keep coming back for more.

  • Operating hours: 11AM to 11PM daily
  • Contact number: (032) 254-6374
  • Social: Facebook Page
  • Location: Escario Central, N. Escario Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City

5. Barikata Ramen Bar

Hardcore ramen fans are quite picky, that is why Barikata Ramen Bar is perfect for them. By definition, ‘barikata’ is a Japanese word used to refer the type of noodles used in the ramen being served, and translates to ‘very hard’. Barikata is very particular when it comes to their ingredients as well, only serving with the freshest ingredients.

  • Operating hours: 11:30AM to 10:30PM daily
  • Contact number: (032) 268 9582 / 0929-349-7570
  • Social: Facebook Page
  • Location: G/F Calyx Centre, IT Park, Cebu City

6. Ikkousha Ramen

Here’s an authentic Japanese Ramen restaurant from Fukuoka Japan in Cebu City. Their best-seller is the Godfire ramen.

  • Operating hours: 11AM to 11PM daily
  • Contact number: (032) 383-1933
  • Social: Facebook Page
  • Branches:
    • JY Square Mall in Cebu City
    • Robinsons Galleria Cebu

Be it your comfort food or not, ramen, for me, will always be a good idea. Go forth and make sure to try these places!

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