Guide: People’s Jeep Cebu, the modern way to commute

These modern BEEPs (bus-jeepneys) are slowly taking over the Cebu City road as the newest “PeoplesJeep” starts to operate today, September 17.

Interestingly, they are offering FREE RIDES for their first 2 weeks of operations, or until September 30, 2019. 


  1. Talamban-Ayala-Colon
  2. Lahug-Ayala-SM
  3. Bulacao-Colon-SM
  4. Talamban-Colon (following 13C Route)
PeoplesJeep Beep Cebu (1)

New Route: Talamban-Colon 13C

talamban to banilad
talamban to country mall
talamban to ayala
talamban to echavez st.
talamban to sikatuna st. 
talamban to colon
usc to country mall
usc to ayala
usc to colon
banilad to ayala
banilad to echabez st.
banilad to sikatuna st. 
banilad to colon
country mall to ayala
country mall to echavez st
country mall to sikatuna st
country mall to colon
ayala to echavez st
ayala to sikatuna
ayala to colon
colon to hipodromo
colon to ayala
colon to banilad
colon to country mall
colon to talamban
hipodromo to ayala 
hipodromo to banilad
hipodromo to countrymall
hipodromo to talamban
ayala to banilad
ayala to country mall
ayala to talamban
ayala to usc- talamban
colon to usc-talamban
banilad to talamban

So what makes People’s Jeep different from the current jeepneys that we have?

1. Class 2 Modern PUV:

  • DTI BPS Philippine National Standard and Clean Air Act compliant
  • Fit for urban routes or stop-and-go routes in cities

2. Accommodation:

  • 23 passengers (seating capacity)
  • 35 maximum capacity
    • Standing passengers are allowed.

3. Environment Friendly

 Euro 4 Engine or better, Electric, -Solar or Alternative Fuel

4. Safety & Security:

  • Side door, Speed Limiter
  • CCTV, GPS, Dashboard Camera

5. Comfort:

  •  Air-conditioned
  • Automatic Fare Collection System
  • Wifi

Starting on October 1 (after the 2-week dry run), they will press the fare to ₱10 minimum.

PeoplesJeep Beep Cebu (3)
PeoplesJeep Beep Cebu (2)

Cebu People’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative, who is behind this project, has initially deployed 15 PeoplesJeep in Cebu City, as part of the government’s Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP).

By June 2020, 200 modern jeepneys (BEEPs) is expected to be completely taking over the roads in Cebu.

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  1. Suggestion: can you make a route plan and maybe also provide a map where the bus is bound to like north bound or south bound and indicating where the bus can stop to pick up and drop off the passengers and the time when the bus runs in a particular area. Some other countries offer a bus handbook to let the people know and familiar the bus route! They also posted the route info into their website…

  2. By June 2020, 200 modern jeepneys (BEEPs) is expected to be completely taking over the roads in Cebu. – I HOPE this is true. Cebu is so polluted already with these old jeepneys. Air pollution will making us sick in the long run. :(
    It’s even ok if its not aircon, as long as the OLD jeepneys be gone!!! They are the cause of heavy pollution here in CEBU, and everywhere. That is why they are junked already by other countries! and we still use them until now. So sad.

  3. I hope e change nila ang seats kay pagkang kapoya japon cgeg siko2 sa ubang parahero.. mura japon syag daan jeep pero aircon sya. Overloaded permi lahi sa a mga beep nga from IT park to City Hall kay tawhay. Unsa man ang operator ani nawong or hangol ug kwarta kay siksikanay man gehapon. Geatay.


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