Kah Motes Private Resort: A sweet escape in Camotes

Camotes is one of the most beautiful islands in Cebu. One can never go wrong in visiting it and one can never fall short too since it’s very affordable.

Here’s a resort that would let you experience Camotes in the most private and comfortable way possible, the Kah Motes Private Resort.

The best thing about it is that, they didn’t do much on the outside and, therefore, preserves the natural beauty of the place. It’s raw, and it’s beautiful.

All the resort accessories and designs are in the huts and building, and even those are patterned to a simplistic oriental approach with aesthetics that allow us to breathe and relax.

Kah Motes Private Resort also flaunts naturalistic native feels that just calls to our roots without sacrificing the comfort and style of modern times. Those native cottages and hammocks are just inviting us to lie down.

Its spectacular view of the ocean, on the other hand, would take your breath away. It’s not your typical white sand. It’s a sea cliff- rock formations that showcases the strength of the waters, all while overlooking into those deep blue green sea.

They even have beds attached to the walls, talk about innovative and space saving.

Rates & Other Information


  • Private room (w/o kitchen): ₱1,500 per night, good for 2pax
  • Private room (w/ kitchen): ₱2,750 per night, good for 2pax
  • Exclusive rate: ₱6,500 per night, good for 10pax. After the 10th guest, there would be a charge of ₱300 per excess. Inclusions of exclusive:
    • Exclusive for guests and their guests
    • Outdoor grill
    • Outdoor rest rooms and showers
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • own water source  and a generator (no interruptions for both)
    • Rooms are ALL air conditioned
  • Guests are welcome to put up tents if they prefer.
  • FREE floor foams provided

Note: Rates vary from time to time depending on season and demands.

Services Provided:

  • Tour cab 14-15 pax 2,800/ Day for 5 destinations
    • Tulang diot
    • Santiago Bay
    • Lake Danao
    • Amazing
    • Paraiso Cave
  • Pick up and drop from CONSUELO PORT (If PORO port there would be a 500 pesos additional)

 Other information:

How to get there?

Exact location: Sitio Mankahilo, Brgy. Consuelo, San Francisco, Camotes Island, Northern Cebu — 2-3 hours away from the city.

This place is approximately 10 minutes from Consuelo port. Approximately 8 minutes away if you have a ride or a motorcycle which is abundant in the port, you just have to get a right deal.

You have three (3) options going to/from Camotes Islands:

    – Travel Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
    – Cebu Port: Pier 1, Cebu City
    – Camotes Port: Poro, Camotes
    – Advantages: Take this option if you want to arrive faster, and you live/stay near Pier 1 or SM City Cebu or you’re from Southern Cebu.
    – Travel Time: 2 hours
    – Cebu Port: Danao City Port
    – Camotes Port: Consuelo, Camotes
    – Advantages: Take this option if you want to save 50% on transportation, if you’re willing to travel or you’re from/near Danao City.
    – Travel Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
    – Cebu Port: MACTAN WHARF of Island Central Mactan Mall
    – Camotes Port: Consuelo, Camotes
    – Advantages: Take this option if you want to arrive faster, and you live/stay near Mactan.

For the complete details on how to get to Camotes Island, head on to: https://sugbo.ph/2018/great-finds-in-camotes-islands/

How to get to and what to do in Camotes?

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  1. Im really looking for a private resort in Cebu because we were planning to have a short vacation there next month to release our stress and Im so glad that I see this and the link below because it help us a lot kudos to you and keep it up.



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