Experience Your Next Cebu Adventure With Rent by Grab

With its bustling cityscapes, picturesque coasts, and rich Bisayan heritage, it is no wonder that Cebu is a hotspot for tourism. With the massive influx of tourists that visit Cebu, one of the most busy industries is transportation.

Many who visit Cebu are often in search of tour operators, vehicles, or packages that can afford them quality and quantity. Here enters Rent by Grab, the newest innovation from the country’s preferred everyday super app, Grab.

Rent by Grab provides assurance, efficiency, and comfort. By eliminating the need to book way in advance and even stressing over finding transpo and itineraries, Rent by Grab lets users focus on enjoying their Cebu experience.

Tour Packages at Rent by Grab

With Rent by Grab, users can book either a sedan or a van for a set time period and an accompanying set itinerary. These itineraries are:

Mountain Tour (4 hours)

City Highlights Tour (6 hours)

South Adventure Tour (10 hours)

NOTE: Each of these packages have variations so that users can opt for the destinations they prefer.

Hourly Rental Option

For those who are unsure about where they want to go or even how long they’ll need their ride, Rent by Grab also offers an hourly option so you can still enjoy your stay the way you want.

Cars available for rent

How to book?

Booking your Rent by Grab is done through the Grab app in real-time — no reservations needed! Here’s how:

  1. Download/Open the ‘Grab’ app and select ‘Rent’.
  2. Choose either a Tour Package or the Hourly Rental option.
  3. After booking, a GrabChat confirmation message will be sent to users so that they may inform their drivers of their chosen itinerary. After that, users will simply wait for their car and driver before setting off to their first stop!

You can use your credit/debit card or GrabPay for payments.

Thanks to Grab, tourists of the Queen City of the South can revel in the exciting sites to see. Rent by Grab provides a smart solution to a common worry among travelers by making the touring process streamlined and easy.


Of course, it’s better to see it and experience it to believe it, so we’ve partnered up with Rent by Grab to give our readers an exclusive chance to be among the first to try this game-changing service!

What are up for grabs? We will be choosing 3 winners of sedan tours for groups of up to 4! Winners can choose from the City Tour (to be availed on May 27-28) and the Mountain Tour (to be availed on May 29-30)!

How to join?

All you need to do is comment on this article with #RentbyGrab and the reason why you’d like to win a tour package.

We’ll be picking our 3 winners via raffle on May 26, 2019 at 6PM so start posting now! Our team will post the winners on sugbo.ph and also on our official social media accounts.

Feel the convenience of  tourism made better by Grab and see Cebu in a new way today with Rent by Grab. Good luck and happy travels!

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  1. #RentbyGrab

    It’s my 3rd time in Cebu and I’ve never really gotten to explore it as freely as I would like. Between the unfamiliarity of how to get around and always being there on business, it would be wonderful to finally get to tour Cebu properly. Especially now that I’ve got friends who I love travelling with along there with me.

  2. #RentbyGrab

    I’d love to experience Cebu in a new light with friends. It will be a great opportunity for me to spend my birthday and for me to be able to share to the people I know the great sights and experiences Cebu and Grab can offer.

  3. I want to win a tour package because I have been here in Cebu for almost a year now but I have never been to its beautiful tourist spots. It would be an exciting and memorable trip with my sister if I am going to win this raffle. #RentByGrab

  4. #RentbyGrab

    A cebuana by birth and heart. As a wanderer myself I’d like to have friends and families join the adventures and have fun. I am a very proud bisaya, and if there is any place I’d love to explore, that will always be CEBU, a place that I love and will love forever.

  5. #RentbyGrab

    Me and my boyfriend had been wanting to try this new feature from Grab kay gnhn mig tour sa busay but wala pa mi naka experience or naay nakaila nga naka experience na ani so this is a very good way to experience it ourselves.


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