Cebu voted as the 2nd Best Island in Asia

You heard it right; Cebu has been awarded with the title of 2nd Best Island in Asia.

Last October 2019, Condé Nast Traveler readers voted for the best islands in the world in the 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards. The places each have different categories by region and continent, such as Australia and the South Pacific, Europe, Caribbean and the Atlantic, North America, Africa and the Indian Ocean, and of course, Asia. Cebu has proven itself to be worthy as it captured the hearts of the people gaining enough votes to place itself second.

“Located in the center of the Philippines, Cebu draws nearly 2 million travelers annually for its pristine beaches and diving off the island’s northern coast,”

– Conde Nast Travler

“Spanish and Roman Catholic influences permeate Cebu City; Basilica Minore del Santo Nino houses a small statue of Christ that was presented by Ferdinand Magellan.”

Indeed, Cebu is a wonderful paradise full of secrets and pleasures, yet we should also remember to maintain it that way. One way to help Cebu’s image is to always be kind, hospitable, and helpful to others, as we Filipinos are known for these traits. We should also always remember to be mindful of our own trash and to preserve nature at all cost.

 As a congratulations, here are some notable gems of Cebu that may have contributed to this victory. To those who desire to experience the best of what this island can provide, be sure to visit these Top 100 Places in Cebu.

Photos by Jacob Casile / JaCas Photography

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