Sugbo Tours Transit Bus Guide: Fare, Routes, Bus Stations, Time

SM’s MyBus has really been a great help for commuters since its launch in 2016. But with its limited routes, Cebuano commuters are looking for more options with wider coverage for a better and more convenient commuting experience.

While the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is on the works which could really help ease the worsening traffic in the city, Sugbo Transit Express (Ceres Liner / Sugbo Tours) finally deploys public buses to serve the commuters from the Cebu South Bus Terminal to the Mactan-Cebu International Airport – Terminal 2.

Just like the SM myBus, the Sugbo Tours bus is PWD-friendly, GPS and CCTV-enabled making it a safe, secure and friendly transport service around Cebu. It has FREE WIFI, too! Each bus can can accommodate 42 to 90 passengers, including standing passengers.

Sugbo Tours Transit Bus Cebu



Bus Fare

  • ₱25 for the first 3 bus stops.
  • ₱40 from South Bus Terminal to Mactan Airport and vice versa
    – 20% discount applies to students, senior citizens, and PWDs.
    – Cash basis for now.


Schedule: Buses ply every hour from 5AM to 6PM, daily

Unlike the MyBus, Sugbo Tours buses don’t have a fixed schedule for departure yet (perhaps due to the lack of available buses).

For now, buses depart/arrive every hour. No guarantee on the time, though.

Bus stations

As of June 2018, there are seven (7) pick-up and drop-off points. These are:

From Mactan:
1. MEPZ 1 (for June 2018) / Mactan Cebu International Airport (starting July 1, 2018)
2. Island Central Mall
3. Pacific Mall
4. North Bus Terminal
5. Robinsons Galleria
6. Fuente Osmeña
7. South Bus Terminal

From South Bus Terminal:
1. South Bus Terminal
2. Robinsons Fuente
3. Robinsons Galleria
4. North Bus Terminal
5. Pacific Mall
6. MEPZ 1 (for June 2018) / Mactan Cebu International Airport (starting July 1, 2018)

We are continuously developing this article. Make sure to bookmark this page as it will be regularly updated.

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  1. Naay uban inspector walay batasan. If I’m not wrong uneducated pagka tao. Gi siyagetan pami og kung di mo mosakay ayaw mo og linya lami kaayo ipatawag niya pa og complain nga verbal bullying maka insulti kaayo. It happened last Saturday 6pm sa Robinson. Pwed ba mo complain atong tawhana?

  2. For the conductor of sugbo tours 8714 from country mall to basak elementary school at around 8:00to 8:30. He issue me a ticket which indicate a 15pesos fare.Right after that I give him 100 pesos. He didn’t give a change. He ask me back if I had ticket. I answered yes, I give u 100 and still he won’t give me a change. He ask me again “asa ka manaog” I answered, “sa bus stop atubang sa basak elementary school. He said, I sa basak d I ka. Ingon ko yes. Nilakat sya. Duol na sa pacific mall niduol syag balik nako” asa imong ticket dai”. So I give it to him and ask why is there something wrong?He walked with my ticket without any word. I’m just followed him with hesitant look. Until I reached basak he never give back my ticket and my change. I search him through my eyes I find him outside the bus,since I am the last passenger who ride off at basak I ask him my ticket and my change of my 100.He never give my ticket and give me only 75pesos as change then he ride in the bus and the bus immediately left the place. So. I only look on the back bus number.. Hoping next time, that conductor never do it to his passenger no matter how they look like.. His practicing cheating and mute himself. He keep my ticket and left me hanging what should be the right fare and what the reason for keeping back his issued ticket to me without any word and the reason why he add 10 pesos to my 15pesos fare on my ticket.. Hoping that conductor learn to understand the side of a passenger.. I am a bus passenger who rides everyday back and forth,but never experience this like.

  3. I have a complain of Sugbo Tours bus no. 8710 dated today 08/12/2020 on or about 10:40 am this morning. When I ride a bus in banilad Mandaue going to Mandaue Mercado then after i pay the fare i asked the driver if the bus passed by in City Health Mandaue? He replied Yes, then i change my mind to drop off in City health Mandaue and i informed the conductor of the said bus because i don’t know that place and he acknowledge my concerned. After 10 minutes i asked again the conductor to drop me in the said place and he replied sorry sir i forgot to tell you we are now in Metro Mandaue and he added Nalapas naka sir Naug nalang diri sir nya sakay nalang sa atbang. I heard from the driver, nganong wala mana cya nanaug sa City Health Mandaue. I disappoint at the time but i hold my temper, i got down in the bus and i took taxi form Metro Mandaue to City Health Mandaue. Kindly advise your conductor to take extra careful when the passenger given an instruction and always in a mindful of his Duties and Responsibility. Thanks

  4. i would just like to ask if naa moy plan route from mepz 1 going to consolacion and liloan? This will be very beneficial to the people living on this area.

  5. Hello naa ba sa marigondon dapit?Kai makakita man gud ko kanunay did to but I’m not sure Kong asanterminal Ani did to dapita.

  6. Ngano mana inyo inspector driver og conductor dili man nila ihatod ang pasahero sa destination?igo r mn sila mo hunong sa restaurant kay mangaon…sakto ko og pliti pero kulang ila serbisyo…dapat ihatod nila asa dapat mo naog ang pasahero how many times na nila gibuhat nako diri sa lapu lapu diri sa likod sa airport….mam sir sana ma seminar ninyo inyo mga driver conductor.dapat sa skina para bankal mana sila mo u turn taz mao sad na ako destinasyon…

  7. Talk about a misnomer ,this Airport bus goes nowhere near the Airport but its a nice ride to Lapu Lapu, J Centre and Pacific Malls and SM Cebu City I am very eager to find alternate routes to and from airport as none of the taxi drivers can be trusted anymore especially since the new fare structure, they will always make sure they get that next 13.50 click

  8. Hi Admin!
    Sa Terminal 1 po kasi kami lalapag. Ask ko lang po if malapit lang po ba dun yung bus stop and saan po banda? Salamat po.

  9. di masabtan kung closely monitored ba ang drivers ug naa ba sila feedback system. Sa akong na experience nalipay unta ko kay convenient ug barato na gikan South Bus Terminal padung Mandaue kaso way pakialam nag nagda. Taodtaod mi gahuwat perti ng punua sa bus standing na mga tawo tapos ingnon raka 5 mins pa kay last trip nani. Pakapin pa ingon maayo gani kasakay pamo last trip na raba ni. Pag ando pa abtan nalang 30 mins iyang giingon nga 5 mins. Suma total kapin usa ka oras mi hinuwat adiser nilarga. Akong giingon puno, puno nga wa maglisod naka agi sa kahuot. Gipadasok pajud nila mga tawo. Way pakabana sa mga pasahero. Unta mahatagan pagtagad sa management.

  10. Good morning
    I will be landing at Mactan Cebu airport in March.
    Where is the destination for Sugbo Bus to the South bus terminal?
    Thank you very much for your answer

  11. good day! we will arriving at mactan airport terminal 1 on janunary 24, 2019 at 12:00 am. and this is our first trip to cebu. what is the exact time of departure in mactan airport and where does your bus located. your response is must appreciated. thanks a lot and God Bless!

  12. Where exactly is the sugbo bus stop at Mactan Airport in Cebu. What does MEPZ 1 as a bus stop means ? There is a Mactan Export Prossesing Zone near the airport but where exactly is the bus stop ?

    • Naa ang mga bus mag.tambay sa labas sa Portville Subdivision, kanang kalsada pasulod sa Carmelite, Brgy. Buaya. Then, magkuha na sila ug pasahero along the way but usually mu.stop sila sa may Savemore Pusok then pa.bridge adto na Pacific Mall and so on..

      So far, wala ko kabalo if naa ba jud muadto directly sa airport kay MyBus man to na teritoryo (?). Kita ko kaisa niagi sa Departures sa Terminal 2 (International), sa taas mga udto.

  13. I am not part of the Sugbo Transit personnel pero based sa akong experience, naa times nga dili sila mulahos sa airport, instead mutuyok ra sila somewhere in MEPZ1 then balik sa Cebu

    • bitaw, wala sila nihunong jud sa aiport insted gipa naog mi sa marina mall kai ngadto lang mi sakay jeep pa airport kai mag MEPZ1 daw. unsa man jud? dili nalang ta sila mo ingon mag airport para mag mybus nalang kai hassle kaayo magnaugnaug then naa pai bagahe.

    • What time is your bus leaving in MEPZ1 / Save More ? Nakasakay ko gikan sa South Bus Terminal sa September 24 pero gi panaog me sa Marina Mall bato, ug misakay me sa Yellow jeep paingon sa Airport. Mangutana lang ko kay December 27 naman, naa nabay direct sa nga “Bus” gikan sa Airport paingon sa South Bus Terminal karon? Kay kun wala pa mosakay na lang ko sa My Bus paingon sa SM.

      Thank you Sir.

    • May i inquire what time will you be n Robinsons Fuente n route to pacific mall final destination mactan airport
      Thank you …

  14. I accidentally got to this bus while waiting for a PUV going to Mepz. This is quite comfortable from a rough day from work. It’s also a good transport if you’re working in Mepz. Price is good enough but the experience is the best.

  15. I wanted to try taking this Bus this morning, but I wasn’t able to bear standing for more than 10min. under the heat of the sun since there are no shades in the bus stop along Mepz .

    Therefore, I would like to suggest that they would provide a bus stop waiting shed (perhaps temporarily setting up portable waiting shed), to prevent Heat stroke among the commuters.


  16. Benefited from Sugbu Tours buses yesterday and the they before. Since I have to commute. MEZ is always lacking pujs going to mandaue during peak hours like 6pm. Sugbu Tours buses ‘saved’ a lot of commuters yesterday with their buses. I dont mind standing though. The bus I rode was very clean, free wifi (slow) and movie. The aircon was nice and cold. Conductor and inspector very courteous and safety conscious. Good bus service by Vallacar. Salamat sa ani nga service. More power and I hope this service goes on and on. BRT is still no where to be found. This is my BRT. Sugbu Tour Buses.


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