Moving on in Cebu: 8 Tips from SAWI to WAGI Real Quick

While walking down the corridor, napansin mo ba ang pamilyar na amoy na yun? Yung kaisa isang amoy na nakakapangiti sa iyo agad. Have you tried eating in the cafeteria and suddenly the only spot that’s left is the spot where the both of you used to stay? Tapos naalala mo buti pa yung spot na yun nandiyan pa pero relasyon niyo natapos na.

Well, I’ll be sending you my condolences because until now you haven’t recovered yet, yung puso mo din kasi patay na… patay na patay pa rin sa kanya. Masakit pa rin ba? Does it hurt the same? I guess you’ve come to the right page as this may help you to alleviate the pain or to live with the pain. Sometimes, moving on and accepting how things change are the only options you have. You don’t need to go to Sagada to move on, because Cebu can offer you a lot of beautiful places para mag maoy or makalimot. The only question is, ready ka na ba?

1. Overseeing the city lights and the pain in my eyes kasi namatay na yung ilaw at spark natin.

Since I was no longer on top of your priorities, let me feel how is it to be on top again or for the last time. Let me enjoy the city lights and the stars as they shine in my darkest times. As I remember your dark brown eyes sparkle every time you looked at me before. The cold breeze at night, as cold as you when trying to give me that one last hug. And tears suddenly started to fall — I just let it fall until there was nothing left. Paminsan minsan maranas ko din naman paano maging una, hindi man sa priority mo kung hindi sa mundong aking ginagalawan — sa bago kung mundo.

Suggested places in Cebu: Tops, San Carlos Heights, Tisa Heights, Mountain View, Ayala Heights

Tops in Busay, Cebu City - Photo by vigattintourism
Tops in Busay, Cebu City | Photo by vigattintourism


2. Open area to open your heart, again. Para sa iba, hindi na sa iyo.

Once again, I tried not to think of you but in the end, it made me think of you even more — even the smallest thought of you suffocated me. I had the urge to be in an open area, I always wanted to be in an open area to think and calm myself and not in a four-cornered room where every memory of us dances in each corner. I thought I needed air as much as I needed you but I realized I just need a big space — the same space that you asked when you left. I’m going to start counting every car that passed by and I’ll be wishing that I could forget you as fast as each car runs. Di ko lang din mawari sa likod ng pagiging bukas ko sa lahat, sa pagbigay ko sa lahat ng aking makakaya humantong pa rin tayo sa katapusan. Katulad ng malayong distansya na aking natatanaw ay kasing layo na rin ng pag-asang maibalik pa ang nakaraan.

Suggested places in Cebu: SRP, Sky Park, Abellana Sports Complex


3. Walk with me? Will you? Bago ka tuluyang lumisan.

I walked as far as I can; I walked to where my feet would bring me. It doesn’t matter how miserable I’m feeling right now, how I badly want to stay in that intersection and would gladly thank the car that would hit me. I keep on walking but as much as I want to take another step, I’m already tired. I get tired and I couldn’t do anything about it, that moment I realized that even though how much I tried to keep “us” going, it takes two people to keep the journey going, I was just prolonging the agony not only for myself but also for you, maybe I’m making it too hard for you.

We all get tired — I got tired, you got tired, you stopped fighting for me, I stopped letting you fight for me, fight for us. It is clear now, maybe we should start walking once again, but right now, we’ll walk together to go to different paths. Walk with me will you? Before we part our ways? Bago ka tuluyang magbago at bago pa ako tuluyang mabago, hindi na natin hawak ang panahon hindi na natin alam kailan liliko ang isa sa atin, kahit anong pilit ganun parin, pagwawakas parin ang hantungan. I tried to walk again and it was different now, you are no longer standing beside me, you are no longer holding my hand, you already left me.

Suggested places in Cebu: IT Park, The Terraces at Ayala Center Cebu


4. Get a spa treatment. Di gaya ng pagtrato mo sakin.

You have to take it off. You have to take everything off except for that one last cloth that is the usual protocol in a spa. But, the rest that a spa can give me is an exact opposite from you. First, it’s on how you treat me the spa can make me feel at ease completely different from the feeling you gave me. Second, they will ask you which would you prefer, Soft, Medium, or Hard. Depends on how much pain I could handle, but you? You give me the pain that I couldn’t imagine exists. I felt the most painful pain because it comes from the person I least expect to give me. Lastly, di katulad sayo ang sakit na binigay ng masahe ay panandalian lang hindi katulad ng sakit na binigay mo, pangmatagalan.

Suggested place in Cebu: Serendipity Spa in Mandaue City, Cebu


5. Unplanned roadtrips with friends. Hindi katulad ng plinanong mong pang-iiwan.

You may think that you’re too unlucky with your life but you know what, I’m telling you: YOU ARE WRONG. After these unbearable heartbreaks and heartaches, there will always be someone who’s more than willing to catch you when you fall (kaso tatawanan ka muna nila bago tulungan). Familiar? Apart from your family, it’s your friends who are always willing to back you up and push you to whatever opportunity that life may offer you. Let them be your source of happiness, strength, and meaning. So, kamusta ang pakiramdam na sa wakas naging tama ka na rin? Masaya di ba? Kasi nga kahit anong mangyari hindi ka magiging mali sa mga mata ng mga tunay mong kaibigan. And spending time with them will never be a waste of time and a travel with them will be the best — especially getting lost with them.

Suggested places in Cebu: Go Round-South, Go Round-North, Go Around the City


6. Mall hopping and shopping kasi I’m still hoping.

Keep yourself busy if you really want to forget and move on. It is possible to get that person out of your mind — go for a shopping, have some fun. Reward and treat yourself, be hooked up to more things and to where you can spend your time for a change. But before that, samahan mo muna ako dito sa mall na maglakad-lakad hanggang sa di mo mamalayang dumaan kana dito, bumalik kana sa daanang ito. Kagaya ng pag-papaikot ikot niya sayo, kagaya ng pagsasayang mo ng oras sa kanya lahat yun hindi mo namalayan.

Suggested places in Cebu: SM Cebu, Robinsons Galleria, SM Seaside City, Ayala Center Cebu


7. Stress-eating because you’re hurting.

Just like how most people deal with depression. I tell you, this is one of the effective ways to keep yourself busy and to forget all the pain you’ve been feeling right now. Eat it up until the pain you will be feeling is only the pain in your stomach. Ice cream, cakes, pasta, pizza, and all other delicious dishes that will surely improve your mood and boost your euphoria. Treat yourself once in a while. Kasi nga kung naghahanap ka talaga ng true love, ayan na oh namatay sila para lang mapaligaya ka. And look around Cebu, andaming Eat-All-You-Can buffet just to please you. Ang mga kinakain natin ang tunay na martyr.


8. Join and watch poetry nights para malaman mong it’s time to let go and accept things.

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve come this far and it means that you’re really eager to move on, aren’t you? Well, this may be the last part of the article but I hope the message here will last in your mind and stay in your heart. So here it goes… Have you heard about the different poetry nights held in Cebu nowadays? There’s a lot of poetry nights in Cebu that allow your poetic soul to give those last words you want to tell him/her — the things you always wanted to tell them for the last time.

This will also make you realize you are not alone. That it’s time to move-on and to learn to ACCEPT what you’re in right now. Kung kusa na talaga siyang bumitawm bitaw kana din bes. Naghihintay ka lang sa wala. Tanggapin mong WALA NA KAYO, HINDI NA IKAW. MINAHAL KA MAN NIYA PERO MAS MAHAL NIYA YUNG ISA. The pain will be unbearable in the beginning but eventually you will learn to cope with the pain, to dance with the pain and to live with the pain until it no longer hurts. Give yourself a break. Give yourself more time. You deserve more than just your wet pillow and your four-cornered walls. Explore and open your arms for the comfort that nature could offer, that Cebu could offer to someone like you who want to move-on and to find their selves back.

Suggested places in Cebu: Coffee Prince Capitol every Thursday night, Cebu Literary Festival (Nov. 26, 2016) at the Ayala Activity Center


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