Cebu Chamber of Commerce launches Digital Cebu


In April 2016, the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry officially launched its annual flagship event, Cebu Business Month. This year’s theme promises to be its most dynamic and tech-driven yet: Digital Cebu.

The Chamber, through its current Cebu Business Month team headed by Overall Chairman Christian Paroan, believes in the importance of bringing technology to the forefront and examining the many ways it impacts, influences, enhances and creates business.

Cebu Business Month 2016 tackles the many aspects of digital technology that can be harnessed to every industry’s advantage. This is accompanied by the team’s passion for promoting massive proficiency in digital tech–using innovative avenues to create opportunities for streamlining, increasing revenue and efficiency in organizations.

Filipinos, being inherently creative and adaptable, are the perfect group to couple ideas with technology. Being in a developing country, technology is one of the highly accessible and cost-effective solutions for us to be competitive with our ASEAN neighbors and the world.

This year’s slogan is “Innovate to lead.” – a powerful call for a spirit of leadership through innovation. The way to maximize the benefits of technology is through that can-do spirit–the passion to create new things, explore new avenues. Cebu Business Month 2016 is where passion for business, technology and ideas converge.

Cebu Business Month Calendar of Events 2016

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