The Woman in Black 2: Why You Should and Should Not Watch It


You love horror movies right? I know you do. If you don’t, then what are you doing here? Get out of here, you scaredy cat! You call yourself a horror movie enthusiast? Well let’s test that! Am I taking this too long? Let’s unroll the list!
Reasons why you should not watch “The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death”

  1. Scared of the dark? Then this movie isn’t for you! Sad for you. The movie literally makes you gasp for light. Like walking inside a dark tunnel? Exactly! And what’s more is that it seems that the end of the tunnel is almost halfway of the movie. Lemme ask you, what do you expect of the dark? Ghost? Nah, not yet but as scary as ghost. It really makes you hate the dark, yes like I said above “literally!” dark lighting really is quite a thrill for a movie and yeah it’s an absolute suffering for those who don’t like the dark. You got eye problems? HAHA worse! Then you should not watch the movie! But could your fright of the dark stop you? It is fun in the dark, ya know. And thrilling too!
  2. The Angel of Death really calls for a brain action. The jump scenes, flash backs and the history can really puzzle your mind. I tell you, it isn’t rated PG-13 for nothing. A seatmate during the advance screening murmured, “The movie sucks, the horror is inconsistent”. I was like “LOL, of course! It’s your chance to think and connect the back story and this fricking scene that even I could barely understand”. I hate that movie, No joke. My mind got tangled till the end of the movie. An instant detective. A movie of another level indeed. Thrills you, psych outs you, puzzles you but well, it also had some touches of romance which surely can appeal to any age. I like the romantic part, sure honest, and of course I want the couple to make it out alive ad survive London 1941 in the movie so “think and think while you can”. It’s an option though. Others are like *Grabs popcorn and watches till the movie ends. LOL. This isn’t any of your rated “G” (General Audience) movies.

I warned you but oh here’s the challenge. If you can get a hold of the story, the back story and all after watching it, oh my god you’re a genius but I doubt. It took me a week to understand everything not to mention that I haven’t watched the previous sequel of the movie.

One reason why you should watch “The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death”

You sure hated that woman in the black with a candle in the Insidious Trilogy and you’re gonna hate her even more. I hate how she tangled that girl with yarn and damn, there are dolls! Though less ruthless than Annabelle but it’s still a doll and dolls are scary. And ghost-turned kids? The hell! It makes me fear kids and all about them, including yarns, ceiling holes and nightmares. The woman in black seriously has issues with kids. Am I spoiling you already? I don’t mean to.

It’s an awesome movie after all. With the action, the thrill, the romance, the bravery and lastly the horror, it is indeed a perfect horror starter for your 2015.
I think I should stop. I will spoil you if this keeps up. But you know what, that darn old lady in black never forgets, I hope she doesn’t forget a movie ticket too.

So just wait till the movie airs. Prepare a bucket of popcorn, a movie date and a detective perhaps. Don’t miss.

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