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Come out, all of you who call yourselves tech-savvy! Itching for Tech news? Nah, no news this time, just purely a mind blowing list of recent and future techs and a brief time machine action to see how far we’ve gone now. Nothing interesting, eh? Just wait till you see that Oculus Rift on the list. Or perhaps that 8K SUHD TV or that acoustic drive hologram engine? And there’s more, the aforementioned is just a pinky to list.

So I was scanning on the latest, recent and past CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and tech updates for a while now, and what I found will surely blow your mind. Maybe not, if you aren’t into these things but who in the world wouldn’t be attracted to these? So let’s charge that tech-savvy instincts of yours (if you have some) and waken up that geeky kid in you! I’m probably holding your breath so now let’s unroll this not-so-long list.

If we talk about Tech, you would probably be thinking of gaming consoles, TV’s, 3D Printers, or gadgets. And you’re right! In order this not-so-long list shorter, we’ll break things into bits.
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A Geek’s Gear

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””] 1 Samsung Smartwatch and almost all other tech biggies are owning an own version of their smartwatch, Apple has their own too. Who would not? These guys do some things which only hospitals, studios and your phones does for you. I’m talking about the fitness sensors, the phone features, camera and artistic electronics embedded on these devices. Bringing that convenience all unto your wrist. And it doesn’t stop there. As years go by, these guys are slowly packed up with more sensors, perhaps an embedded laser gun, x-ray sensor, or a hologram projector. What about that? Too fancy, but absolutely possible. Cool your asses and wait. [/box]
Take time to appreciate the beauty of the Samsung Gear Fit. Other variants of the Galaxy Gear are also available.
Of course Sony wouldn’t allow themselves to be left behind. Classic, right?
The ASUS Zenwatch. They say it’s one of the best. How about you try purchasing one, and discover for yourself?
This creature who seemingly can captivate every tech geek. Just look at it’s edges. Google did something awesome, and this is it. The Nexus Smartwatch

I really ain’t rooting for the Apple Smartwatch. You better buy two Rolex, or whatsoever. Just don’t. Luxury gone wrong.[/nextpage]
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Phone Tech

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””] 2What can you say about the S5, Z3, or that iPhone 6? Outstanding phones, right? Well, you are about to forget all about that. You must probably heard about Project Ara. You don’t? Oh, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Project Ara is a modular electronic concept that will give you the freedom to choose the parts you want for your phone. We’ll for me, I would want a 20MP front camera, 41MP rear, 50,000maH battery, Super AMOLED Screen, and 4.7 GHz processor, 16GB RAM. And what’s good is that you just need to assemble your phone like puzzle pieces and fit them right through their respective module ports. Isn’t that pretty awesome? The concept is real but isn’t in the market yet and fortunately the wait is almost over. It is here by 2016. Prepare to get your iPhone boos and woos. Hey Ara. Hello Module.. [/box]

I almost died when I first saw this visualization of the Ara. Such beauty in power.
This one is for the dude and chics who prefer the style. It’s entirely customizable. The kind of entire DIY.

I probably said too much about the ARA. But here’s a collated photo for the soon-to-be-classics. These are the bests of today and still up-to-date. Tell me not dream so much of Ara because these phones are very sexy.
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Gamers Hub

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””] 3 Gaming: Oculus Rift maybe two years in the spotlight and indeed it deserves to within it for a longer time. This VR(Virtual Reality) tech will definitely be the future of gaming (sadly, not everyone could afford). And it’s going better like ever. You may also want an alternative one, Razer Edge/Surface Gaming Tablets. Windows and Razers? Hmmm worth a try. How about turning your phone into a full featured PlayStation console? That may not be new, but if I found one, I won’t bother getting a girlfriend. Gamers love their game not less than their consoles but having a high-end Oculus as a console or a complete set for PlayStation Now, I will never be going back to Kinect ever. [/box]

Ever heard of the Oculus Rift? The world’s most advanced VR Technology made solely for gaming? Of course you do. Don’t doubt. If every it gets you excited, buy one.
Samsung also has it’s gaming VR. And it’s Oculus-powered.

How about turning your phone into this one? Unfortunately only for the Z3. But isn’t this outstanding? Call it awesome.

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The Couch Partner

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””] 4TV: I still remember that time when TV’s were mute? And because of that I feel I’m too old already. It just seems that yesterday, vacuum ray tubes was the thing. Then it turned into flat screens, then LED, HD TV, UHD TV and now a stunning SUHD TV. I don’t want to drop names of TV tech biggies because honestly any of them can surpass each other in a matter of months or perhaps weeks. The TV world is a fast-paced tech subject and its evolution is insanely rapid. Think about 2014 when everyone was itching to buy their flat screen HD TV when snappishly 4X UHD TV came into the market. 4K for four times better resolution, density and display than the best of your best HD TV’s and in this year 8K SUHD TV’s emerged in the market. And everyone is buying it already. Imagine that, 8 times the quality of an HD TV. You can probably zoom in to view the white blood cells of ants with that. I’m saying, the quality is insane. And it’s bringing all the internet feature from our hands to our living room. No wonder, why it’s a click.. [/box]
I know. I know it’s not that convincing. And would the details really matter? Oh yes it would.
If you were to buy, which would you choose?

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Genius Mech

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””] 5 This tech area scares me a lot. I probably have watched too much of the Terminator movie. But no matter where I look, it’s scary but oh! The tech has been expanding an evolving unlike the past so far. Remember that robot teacher in Asia? That’s outrageously impressive and now on hospitals and even in military. Let’s go to the specifics. Drones. Yes drones are a thing. I would want one for myself too. Everyone behind the drone industry aimed for the smallest one and they did. The Parrot Minidrone from CES 2014 is an attractive one. It does not just take surveillance and aerial study for you, you can take selfies with it too. That’s hilariously cool. Another thing are 3D printers. I wish I could print a girlfriend. Sadly, not yet. 3D printer gave quite a promise. Just in recently, the biggest 3D printed object has been completed, it’s a house and it’s the first ever. It can print project models, the project itself, miniature self’s and organs in the future. So evil right? But astonishing. [/box]
So this is the Parrot Minidrone. Small yet versatile. View and control your drone from your palm through a smartphone.
I would love to print anything I want but printing a house is insane. The Chinese geek behind this creation is godlike.
And this is the parrot variants and spares. This is so evil.

I’m consumed to the nerdcore and can’t get any longer to the specifics. But I surely have briefed you how awesome tech has become. And because it’s “technology”, it will never stop going better. I would like to ask. Have you even heard the news that the Big Bang could never have happened? Or interstellar travel through space-time manipulation is theoretically possible already? Or that atoms exist in two places at the same time, and that teleportation is near? These news are sexy too. Soon I’ll be writing them down for you too.
Congratulations! You read through the entire article. Take pride, you’re a nerd now. Nerd? You may not like that title, right? Well I have an alternate title. Hey geek! Geek sounds much cooler. Whatever! Geek or nerd, cheers to that. I’m probably going back to writing tech specific news. So come back here, once in a while. You’ll be surprised how geek you’ve become.

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  1. Wow! This is a treat for that geek side of me. As usual these stuff comes with a price. That VR is really a game changer. :)

  2. I’ve read everything, I’m a geek! LOL. I’m an Android girl. Love their watches but can’t say I’d get them for myself. I maybe an Android geek but won’t necessarily purchase right away. Haha. I’ve been reading up about space-time continuum manipulation and yes, it’s amazing.

    • yey, aa buddy! Thanks for reading. I’m glad we share the same interests, I always know I’m not alone but I didn’t thought of ladies having the same fascination as I am. We’ll be marrying physics and tech. Haha.

  3. I’m not a fan of these smart watches and gah I regret upgrading to iOS 8.2! That Apple Watch app is taking up my storage space!

  4. I’m not a tech-savvy but looking at these gorgeous wrist watch thingy, I really want to get one.. but not now though! heheh! :)

  5. I’m a sucker for watches both the old school kind and the high-breeds of this generation. The Asus Zenwatch looks like a great cross between the two.

  6. Whoa! These are awesome! I’m particularly fascinated by the VR gadgets. I never knew these were already available! BTW, I like your blog’s interface, it’s so sleek!

  7. Ara sounds really interesting! However, since I’m not so tech-savvy, I’d go with the specs you indicated for yours LOL. But a 41MP rear cam sounds heavenly! :)

    • It really is heavenly. I once tried the Lumia 1020 and it makes me want to buy one, but no ’cause it’s Lumia and no money too hahaha.


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