FRIGGA: Fashion for Luck



Fashion is more than just a pair of jeans and a tee. It’s more than just an avenue for self-expression. It’s more than just impressing the people around you. Because for Feng Shui master, Marites Allen; “FASHION SHOULD BE WORN WITH A PURPOSE.”

Last Sunday (August 02, 2015), our very own Marites Allen brought Frigga’s Charmed Life to the Queen City of the South. Located at the second floor of One Pavilion Mall in Banawa, I couldn’t be any luckier for being able to witness chic, fabulous, and exciting pieces by Frigga. Moreover, this is the first branch that opened in the Visayas region and offers shirts, corporate attires, dresses, accesories, and a whole lot more! I know words and photos are really not enough to entice you but I am telling you, buying their charms won’t be a pain in your wallet. And most importantly, they are just worth it!

So for all the Feng Shui afficionados and fashion enthusiasts, I think NOW! is the right time to curate your wardrobe. Don’t just buy clothes because it’s IN or because you feel like doing so. Now is the time for a FASHION MAKEOVER! It’s time for FRIGGA FASHION LUCK.



Photos by: Pryscilla  Gabiana

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