Coz even nightime can't stop these Koreans from strolling around Ayala Mall

Fashionable Turistas

If there is one thing I love so much, that’d be fashion. It’s just that fashion can’t do the same for me. I love anything related to fashion and that’s the main reason why I am here. To give you a fair share of what fashion is and my loves in between. Anyways, I love to go out, stroll in malls, sit in a coffee shop (sipping coffee, of course!), and be mesmerized by the tourists who are doing the same thing. I’m telling you one secret: “One of the reasons why I go out is to see what’s new in the fashion industry.” Wait, I think I’ve aforementioned “tourists”, right? Yes, you read it right ‘coz this article will be all about them. When I say them, that means the way they dress. Feel free to scroll down for photos of not just pretty/handsome tourists but with good fashion sense as well. Congratulations, Cebu! You have really good visitors.

There are a lot more tourists who dress better or the otherwise, but hey! That’s not the point. The point is, we want to open your eyes to the reality that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to just plain tees, jeans, and sneakers. We must learn to explore sometimes and get rid of the shyness. For fashion is not on what you wear, but how you wear it. So flaunt it! Wether you have it, or yes. Well, I know it doesn’t happen overnight but eventually, you’ll get there.

They’re pretty cool, right? I know you guys are craving for more so just keep yourselves posted for more goodies like these. Not just in this section but in the blog as a whole. Because, SUGBU.PH is worth a like, a share, and more than worth a follow.

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