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Quiz: How well do you know the Cebuano language?

It is sad reality that a slew of Cebuanos mix up their dialect, in some ways, with other languages like English and Tagalog for several possible reasons or situations. Even I, myself, am guilty of it. Though it doesn’t really mean we are ditching our own language, right? And definitely doesn’t mean we love and care less for Cebu. But just for the sake of fun with a little trivia and learning on the side, take this “Bisdak Test” and find out how well do you know the Cebuano language.

What score did you get? Share it to us by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Queenie

    13 right! Not too bad for an American non native Visayan:) I thought it was pobre alindahaw..

  2. Bebie Librando Garcia
    Bebie Librando Garcia

    Yes! Got 20 despite leaving Cebu 30yrs ago ang permanently staying in Manila. Cebuano dialect will always be my 1st language. Bisdak kaayo ko!

  3. annabelle

    Cebuano is BOTH a language and a dialect.

    Language in the sense that it is a tool with which one communicates with the others who understand the language. As one expert said, it is a set of rules for generating speech.

    While it is a language, it is also a dialect which is a variant of a language. If it is associated with a geographically isolated speech community, it is referred to as a regional dialect. However, if it is spoken by a speech community that is merely socially isolated, it is called a social dialect.

    Sadly, some people here are just too proud to call others as “moron” where in fact, they are actually referring to themselves.

  4. Tugas Haligi

    It’s a language not a dialect you moron.

  5. oscar

    kawhaan og siyam ang akong nasakmit.

  6. Toffee


  7. Connie Labra Tolentino
    Connie Labra Tolentino

    hahahahaha!!!nalingaw ko abinaku ma perfect naku ang cebuano words nasipyat pajud ang usa..

  8. Tomas A. Llerin

    Ang imong No. 6 Pakighinabi dili to meet to converse kay ang to meet Pakigkita or Pakigtagbo.

    Alindahaw duha ang meaning sigon sa situwasyon firefly or drizzle.

    Utlanan ang exacto boundary

  9. Mabel Valdez

    got 20, yet i dis agree with the word alindahaw As dragonfly, It should have been alindanaw, that’s what we call it in Mindanao, Cebu, and. So. leyte, alindahaw is salibo or drizzle..

  10. Naomi Paca Billard
    Naomi Paca Billard

    Pila may akong kuha? Labaw sa tanan, daghang salamat niining maong mugna. Kadaghanan sa ato dili na gyud kahibaw sa mga yano nga polong. Wen man ka uli? Ka nice ana oi..Unsa iyang name? Wa pa na siyay hair….aguroy!

  11. jonathan gelbolingo
    jonathan gelbolingo

    usa lamang kini sa pagpadayag diin adunay gamayng korehianan sa nahapatik sa ibabaw’ng bahin ining panid.

    mapuanguron = compassion
    puangod = refering to something an expression
    ex. salbahis kining bataa pagkaway puangod..
    just like..salbahis kining bataa pagka panuway gyud.

    pakighinabi = to talk with
    pakigstorya, pagkukabildo

    MEET = panagtagbo, panag abot, panagsugat..

  12. sam

    nakadesinoybe ahong skor. premero pa naho na tagbo ag pansayan nga kuan..kasilyas man unta nang tiolet ba. unja unsa ba nga fantasy man ahoang tubag…jejejeje!!!!! salamat oy. maajo pod ni nga kalingawan ba. mogradwet na ko? ako ba ag balidectorian? unja mo diskorso ko? na hala…!!!

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