Must-Visit Destinations in Olango Island, Cebu

With the tourism industry slowly opening with the COVID-19 restrictions easing, Olango Island is one of the lowkey tourist destinations in Cebu that actually has lots of fun activities that can be done.

Olango Island | Photo from Unsplash

Though the island is famous for island hopping, the island is rich in many attractions and fun activities to be done and we have here the perfect list of activities for your next visit to Olango Island.

1. Bird Sanctuary in San Vicente

As Olango Island is well-maintained, flora and fauna is not a surprise in this place. The Bird Sanctuary in San Vicente is a prime example and also serves as a major tourist attraction in the island. Frequently lined up by guests, many are more than willing to wait just to see the magnificent birds found in the sanctuary.

2. Taytayan Camp in San Vicente

This place is perfect if you want to take a quick break away from the city and stay overnight with your own tent. The fresh breeze in this camp is so refreshing that keeps guests coming back every weekend, if they can.

3. Pagutlan Camp in San Vicente

This camp is known for its cheap entrance fee and its availability for camping up overnight. Guests can stay at this place overnight and it is advised to bring their own tents. The overlooking view of the beach makes it a romantic affair not just for couples but for friends and family too.

4. Mercato de Olango in Libertad, Tingo

Mercato de Olango is Olango Island’s variation of the famous Sugbo Mercado in Cebu City. With different food stalls and restaurants offering their own selections of food, you can certainly eat fresh seafood while here. Burgers, fries and milk tea are available as well in select stores.

5 .Twinvibe Foodhaus

This food house is known for its native and local cuisines that Olango Island has to offer. Fresh seafood is surely served here and the place is also perfect to buy beer and chill.

6. Butongan sa Brgy. Sabang

With abundant coconut trees in the island, there are many places you can buy coconut refreshments from. In Barangay Sabang, various ‘butongan’ or coconut milk stalls are available. Coconut milk is really good after spending the entire day swimming Olango Island’s pristine beaches.

7. Shalala Beach Resort

This resort is popular for its native-looking and sturdy nipa houses that serve as their cottages. The wide and open space provided in this beach resort makes it an ideal place for team building activities and other group activities such as volleyball and frisbee.

8. Nicolas Island Resort

Nicolas Island Resort is a resort that is located near by the beaches of Olango Island. With the beach already at the front, imagine relaxing by the porch after a day’s worth of swimming and frolicking at the beaches.

9. Isla Paraiso Resort

If you’re in a tight budget and still want to take a quick dip, Isla Paraiso Resort might just be for you. Just near by the beautiful beaches of Olango Island, this resort is considered by most locals for family reunions, birthday celebrations, or even simple get-togethers.

10. White Sand Bar in Caohagan Island

This strip of island is a popular spot when it comes to island-hopping. As the name suggests, White Sand Bar’s pristine sand and crystal-clear waters is a perfect drop-off spot when island hopping. The friendly and relaxing feels the sand bar provides is perfect for that much needed weekend getaway.

11. The Shark’s Resort in Brgy. Caw-oy

Don’t be scared, even though the resort’s name has ‘shark’ in it, the resort is actually known to be nearby a shark sanctuary (but still guaranteed safe to stay at). The Shark’s Resort is a grand and comfortable resort to stay at once you’re in Olanga Island particularly in Brgy. Caw-oy. Complete with amenities, the place also has their own swimming pool.

12. Casa Blanca by the Sea in San Vicente

With the name literally meaning “white house”, Casa Blanca by the Sea is a picturesque establishment with its beauty more amplified as it is located by the sea. Guests and tourists have noted the establishment as a perfect background for that Instagrammable photo opportunity. The place is actually open for day use for a fee.

13. Sagastrand Beach Resort in San Vicente

This beach resort is known for its luxurious and grand ambience. With world-class facilities and amenities, this beach resort is sought guests who want to have a grand time while in Olango Island.


Exact location: Olango Island, Northern Cebu — approx. 1.5-2 hours away from the city.

BY BUS: Ride a jeepney or a bus to go to Parkmall. This is where you can find the jeepney/bus terminal heading to Lapu-Lapu City. Find one that can take you to Angasil Port or Hilton Wharf in Punta Engaño, beside the Movenpick Hotel. There, avail a ticket to ride a boat going to Olango Island.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to Olango Island.

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