Premium Handcrafted Wagas Ukuleles in Cebu

Want a Cebuano masterpiece made just for you?

Experience Filipino Craftsmanship with your own hands and ears with the finest Ukuleles made by our very own in Compostela, Cebu.

WAGAS Ukuleles is the leading ukulele manufacturer in Cebu, Philippines having been in the woodcraft industry for over 20 years. They make the best traditional and travel ukulele fit for beginners and professionals.

Photo from Wagas SEO
Photo from Wagas SEO
Photo from WAGAS Ukuleles Facebook Page

Born out of their belief that music is the language of the soul and an instrument for the expression of ideals, they redefined tradition by making their ukulele straight out of a solid mahogany wood so instead of bending wood to form the sides of the body, they have solid-cut wooden sides.


  • Travel Ukuleles

Thin and portable that comes in unique designs to fit your personality.

  • Soprano Ukuleles

Good for beginners and intermediate musicians with its size in between our travel and tenor variant.

  • Concert Ukuleles

Good for intermediate musicians with its size in between Soprano and Tenor variant.

Photo from
  • Tenor Ukuleles

Have the fullest sound given its large body which makes it suitable for intermediate and professional musicians.

  • Guitarleles

It’s the combination of a guitar and ukulele which is great for musicians who are keen on portability and tone.

  • Ursula Ukuleles

Born from the idea that color holds undeniable power. It gears towards beginners, given its colorful and small body. It comes with free bag, pick, strap, and shipping nationwide.

Photo from WAGAS Ukuleles Facebook Page


Shaped like an electric guitar, a tropical egg shape or how about a much unique form of a tortoise, you name it and they would probably have it or would make it for you.

Wagas stands out by making ukuleles with extraordinary character having their intricate designs and the craftsmen’s precision and dedication in making sure each uke is Wagas quality and carrying the heart of the maker.

Photo from WAGAS Ukuleles Facebook Page
Photo from WAGAS Ukuleles Facebook Page
Photo from WAGAS Ukuleles Facebook Page
Photo from WAGAS Ukuleles Facebook Page

Staying true to their character ukes, personalized and custom-made ukulele designs together with their in-house painter is possible at affordable prices. They can even hand paint one name for free for every order.


These Premium Ukulele Collection are carefully crafted limited edition designs to be dropped every month. For every design, there will only be three pieces released, making every ukulele under this collection extra special.

Photo from WAGAS Ukuleles Facebook Page


  1. Visit Wagas website or Facebook shop for the various ukulele designs of your chosen size.
  2. Click on add to cart to proceed to checkout. You can choose for the ukulele to be shipped to your home or at work.
  3. Choose from the payment options. (Gcash, Paymaya, Palawan, LBC, Mastercard)
  4. Order will be confirmed. Patiently wait 5-10 days as ypur ukulele is crafted. Delivery team will contact you before shipping.


  • Watch out for amazing discounts & ukulele giveaways
  • Each order comes with free bag and shipping.



  • Premium Ukulele: P3,500
  • Travel Ukulele: P2,021
  • Soprano Ukulele: P2,500-P4,500
  • Concert Ukulele: P4,000-P4,500
  • Tenor Ukulele: P4,500-P5,000
  • Guitarlele: P5,000
  • Ursula Ukulele: P1,495

Note: All prices come with free shipping nationwide.


  • Shopee & Lazada: Available
  • Wagas Crafts in Ayala Center Cebu – It is near H and M’s entrance and Terranova on the ground floor. (Note: Due to the pandemic, it is still closed)



Exact location: Wagas Showroom, F. Murillo Street, Compostela, Cebu – approx. 1 hour away from the city. (free visit to check out set of designs)

BY BUS: Ride any bus bound for Compostela. Tell the driver to drop you off at the Compostela Municipal park and from there, you can walk or ride a tricycle towards the Wagas showroom.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Wagas showroom” in Compostela.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without's notice. Should you know the updated information, please message us on Facebook.

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