Toledo Floating Cottage: Dining by the sea in Medellin

Dine and have a good time on a cottage at sea! Toledo Floating Cottage offers a combined experience of dining and boating. If boating is too extreme and you’re getting too comfortable with dining the usual way, the floating cottage may be the perfect thing for you!

You and up to 14 of your friends can rent out an exclusive floating cottage and set to sea to eat, jive, and vibe on top of the waves. Located in Medellin, Toledo Floating Cottage offers to take you out to the waters as you spend some quality time bonding with friends or family.

Photo by Vivian Pacaña Masong
Photo by Vivian Pacaña Masong
Photo by Vivian Pacaña Masong

The floating cottage itself is simple, yet accommodating.

As a centerpiece, a traditional cottage is built on the deck. The cottage consists of a rectangular table with benches on both long sides and a roof covering the whole sitting area. On one side of the cottage is a barricaded space that allows seawater in; it’s a pool that’s best for children and those who can’t swim. Opposite that side is a functioning toilet and changing room. It might fall short when compared to your usual staycation amenities in resorts, but this is truly all you need to have a good time at sea!

Photo by Vivian Pacaña Masong
Photo by Vivian Pacaña Masong
Photo by Vivian Pacaña Masong

The cottage is perfect for boodle fights, picnics, and even a bit of day drinking. Just be sure to keep safe, especially out in the water! You’re free to make use of the space however you like. You can take a dip while out in the waters, unwind on the deck, take a dip in the seawater pool, but remember to stick close to the cottage at all times.

Guests may bring any kind of food and recreation. As responsible laagans, just make sure to bring easily disposable food and drinks and trash bags. Keep safe and be mindful as well of the cottage when swimming in close proximity.

The host is accommodating is responds to inquiries promptly. For any reservations and bookings, make sure to reach the owner through the contact number.

Photo by Vivian Pacaña Masong
Photo by Vivian Pacaña Masong



  • ₱200 per head
  • Open hours: depends on what time the customers arrive/start.

EXCLUSIVE USE (whole cottage)

  • ₱4,500 for 12 hours, good for 15 persons


  • All bookings must be made in advance; no walk-in. Bookings must be confirmed at least 2-3 days prior.
  • Corkage fee: None
  • Contact number: 0929-805-4888, 0966-819-0555
  • Email address: N/A
  • Facebook page: N/A


Exact location on Google maps: Kawit Public Market, Medellin, Northern Cebu — approx. 3 hours away from the city.

BY BUS/V-HIRE: From Daanbantayan, you can ride a ceres bus or van going to the Kawit public market.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Kawit Public Market” in Medellin, Cebu.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without's notice. Should you know the updated information, please message us on Facebook.

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