Badian Highlights: 5 Must-Visit Attractions in Badian

Considered as a tourism giant in the southern part of Cebu province, Badian is indeed a town you must visit when exploring the province. In this article, we run down 5 attractions you need to check out in the municipality of Badian.

1. Kawasan Falls

The tourist spot that established Badian as one of the province’s tourism hotspot. Kawasan falls is a 3-layered waterfalls of natural spring water famous for its cold and refreshing catch basin with the water emitting a slightly bluish hue.

Photo by John Ray Aligato | The Island Nomad

The first waterfall is the biggest of the 3, and thus, usually the most crowded (and most photographed!). There are many cottages around, a restaurant, and souvenir shops. Other attractions nearby which we also recommend is canyoneering (trekking and jumping in waterfalls and rivers, with Kawasan Falls as the end point) and the second longest dual zip line in Asia which can also be seen at Kawasan Falls!

2. Lambug Beach

Considered to be one of the best beaches in Cebu, Lambug beach attracts tourists due to its unspoiled aquamarine water, fine white sand, and a perfect sunset view.

Photo by Maja Romeo

There are different resorts around the area, as well as cottages and tents you can rent out for overnight use. Lambug beach is also popular because it is not as overcrowded as other beaches, without the loud bars and parties.

  • Entrance fee: Free
  • Cottage fee: P300
  • Other fees:
    • Camping fee: Most are free, but some areas will charge P100 (exclusive of tent)
    • Lodging rooms: Starts at P500
  • Travel tip: Lambug beach is located quite near to Kawasan falls so target these spots on the same day or on consecutive days.

3. Badian Highlands

A recently opened attraction, Badian Highlands is a view deck approximately 1,640 feet above sea level.

badiaPhoto by John Ray Aligato | The Island Nomad

It is a part of the Dalaguete-Mantolongon-Badian Road and was officially opened to the public last July 10, 2020. This view deck offers tourists a stunning panoramic view of the Tanon strait, Badian Bay, and Kanlaon Volcano of the province of Negros Oriental.

The best time to visit is on an early morning for some foggy sunrise or at night for some clear view of the night sky and stars.

  • Entrance fee: None (Open to private vehicles and tourists)
  • Exact location: Badian-Dalaguete Road, Badian, Cebu

4. Kansanto Spring

Located in Barangay Banhigan, Badian, Kansanto Spring offers cold spring water that is going to leave you feeling refreshed.

Photo by Marc Jonell Garcia

Aside from that, the place is very serene that you actually get to experience some quiet time.They also have rooms that are available for overnight use, videoke for rent, and they also offer free parking space.

5. Dapdap’s Floating Cottages

These floating cottages are located in the Badian Bay, surrounded by crystal clear bluish green waters.

Dapdap Floating Cottage Cebu
Photo by Jill Taboada

These cottages offer a unique experience to sea enthusiasts without even touching the sand. You can go kayaking, snorkeling or swimming around the floating cottages. Travel tip? Visit Dapdap’s floating cottages on a high tide so you get to avoid muddy coasts on low tides.

Dapdap's Floating Cottage Badian Cebu
Photo by RBA 360
Dapdap's Floating Cottage Badian Cebu (2)
Photo by RBA 360
Dapdap's Floating Cottage Badian Cebu (3)
Photo by RBA 360
Dapdap's Floating Cottage Badian Cebu
Photo by RBA 360
  • Open: 7AM-6PM daily (4PM onwards, they no longer accept new visitors)
    • Entrance fee: P100 (adults), P50 (children) inclusive of roundtrip boat transfer to floating cottages, lifejackets, and cottage use. Children below 2 years old are NOT allowed.
  • Other fees: Kayak – P200/hour
  • Other information:
    • Contact number: 0997-632-5789; 0933-642-2269
    • Facebook page:
    • There is a limit of 3 hours per group. But if there are only a few guests, the management usually allows the use of the cottages for more than 3 hours.
    • Grilling in the cottages are allowed.
    • You can bring your own food and drinks. There’s no store in the cottages nor in the entrance gate.


By bus: From Cebu City, head on to the Ceres South Bus Terminal.  Not all of these buses head for Badian. So ask the operator which will pass by Badian (usually those headed for Bato). Inform the driver to drop you off at Badian. Travel time is 3 hours and fare is P100-P150.

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