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Global Hand Washing Day

In celebration of the Global Hand washing Day, Safeguard by P&G pushes the campaign of teaching kids common places/things they see every day where germs are present. Safeguard managed to teach the graders of Mabolo Elementary School in a creative way where the kids had fun while learning. Also the ...

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Patty’s 1st Anniversary Zumba Party!

In return to the people of Lagtang, Talisay for the support given, Patty’s bakeshop decided to have a party with a twist. Not like the usual, this party involves you dripping those sweat and burning those fat you accumulated from the big meal you just ate! What you are thinking ...

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Yamaha : The BLUECORE Technology

More power, less fuel that is the blue core technology promise.Yamaha has done it again, having an edge against its competitors. They managed to create a stronger, lighter and fuel-efficient engine – the BLUECORE technology which is equipped in their latest automatics, the Mio i125 and the Mio Soul i125. ...

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Nimble Storage expands to Cebu

Be updated with the newest storage in Cebu – Nimble Storage.One of the fast growing economy in the country, Nimble announces its plan to expand its operations in Cebu. Did you know that the Philippines is one of the first markets that Nimble Storage opened in ASEAN region? Nimble Storage ...

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Taft East Gate: Living Life

Looking for a prime piece of property? Taft Properties and Ventures- one of the leading developers of Cebu is venturing on its newest project, a new development right in the heart of Cebu City. Taft Properties highly welcome you TAFT EAST GATE (I Love Cebu City Living) that will take ...

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Cebu Blogging Community: The Ultimate Meet-up

A community without rules and dedication of the members would be in chaos and will soon vanish. This is the reason why Cebu Blogging Community (CBC) initiated its first meet up to promote the right ways in blogging. Rampant are those who don’t have the right decorum in the internet ...

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