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Yamaha: Truly revs your heart

Most companies don’t really coincide with their slogans. Some reaches to the point that they change it because they can’t fulfill the promises they make. Well there’s one company I know of that truly follows their slogan; Yamaha. Yamaha’s slogan “revs your heart” is unlike other slogans that are there ...

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Exit Now: Can you find your way out?

It’s always very easy to find the exit door because of its big, unmistakable sign. But what if there’s no sign and there are obstacles on getting through the exit? Sounds like fun, right? Fortunately, there’s a new game in town. EXIT NOW, located at the 2nd floor of City ...

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The Charlie,Charlie Challenge explained.

A bizarre new game is starting to trend in the internet world. A Quija-board inspired game Charlie Charlie Challenge is taking over the children with the thought of them being connected with the dead Mexican spirit with red and black eye ‘charlie’. The game is played with six unsharpened (its ...

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Get Answers To Your Questions, Only at Ask Sugbu!

You sure have a few questions in mind. Questions from plain curiosity to wittingly insensible ones. Like a proverb says, “A question deserves an answer.” We will give you an avenue for that and here it is – Ask Sugbu. We have answers to your most asked, less asked, not-so-asked ...

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