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Chicken Obsessions: Cebu’s Best Chicken Dishes

Chicken Obsessions Sugbu

Okay, ‘obsessions’ might be too exaggerated but c’mon, who doesn’t love chicken? I mean, I can’t live without it. I already drool by just the smell of it. With hundreds of restaurants and food stalls/kiosks in the city, it’s really difficult to decide which restaurant has the best chicken dishes ...

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Cafe Laguna @ 24

Just this September 28 2015, Cafe Laguna celebrated its 24th epic anniversary! It was a blast of foooooooood! Offering the best Filipino main dishes to the all time Filipino deserts, you just can’t get enough of. Just one visit to the buffet table won’t suffice cause the temptation to taste ...

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The Hidden Gem: Banilad Sports Club


“A HIDDEN GEM” was my answer when asked about what I can say about Banilad Sports Club. Funny this may seem but if by any chance that you can visit the aforementioned sports club, you’ll know what I mean. Banilad Sports Club, formerly known as Sandtrap started in 1997. It ...

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