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NBI Satellite Clearance Center in Paseo Arcenas, Banawa, Cebu City

FAST & EASY ways to get an NBI Clearance in Cebu

Applying for a job locally or overseas, or for a visa to travel? Well, that’s perhaps the reason why you have landed into this article as an NBI clearance is one of the required documents. This is because an NBI clearance is one way of proving you are not convicted or wanted for any crime in the country.


Now the question is how… How can I get one? How can I skip all the hassle and get it fast and easy? Don’t fret, you’ve come to the right page.

Whether you have applied online or not, you still need to go to an actual NBI Clearance Center to have your photo and fingerprint taken and to claim your NBI clearance. So the techniques really here are going to the “right” NBI center and knowing the requirements and to-do’s beforehand.


There are four NBI clearance centers in Cebu:

  • Paseo Arcenas in Banawa, Cebu City (newly opened)
  • J. Center Mall in Mandaue City
  • Enan Chiong Activity Center in Naga City
  • Old Municipal Hall of Bogo City

If you’re living in the city or at least near to it, we highly recommend getting your NBI Clearance at Paseo Arcenas in Banawa, Cebu City . Why? Primarily because of the clean, organized place and fast processing of your application that can be done in 30 minutes to an hour only.


It’s true. How easy is it? Let’s go through each process.



An encoder will type your personal data (filled out application form) on the computer while you continuously check the data encoded on the screen. Be alert for any wrong entry to avoid redoing the steps. A fee of P60 should be given to the encoder who will issue an official receipt.



The cost for each NBI clearance is P115 (in case you need more than one). After receiving the official receipt of your payment, proceed to the next step.



During this step, your personal information will be verified for any namesake while your electronic fingerprint and photo will be captured.



If you are one of the few lucky people who are cleared and don’t get a “hit” status, then you can claim your NBI Clearance Form not later than 5 minutes.

But if you are on HIT (no need to panic, this is ironically “normal”; talk about a faulty system), then you will be asked to return and claim after 2 weeks from the day you applied. Unfortunately, I was one of those unlucky people.


This is what the latest NBI Clearance Form looks like:



Just follow these four simple steps:

  1. Fill out the online form (downloadable from the nbi.gov.ph website). Make sure you fill in all the necessary fields.
  2. Print out the accomplished form and take note of the Application Code.
  3. Go to any NBI Clearance processing center for image capture and fingerprint biometrics
  4. Read Step #4 above to claim your NBI Clearance.



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  1. Argie Omas Mira

    I was hit in the month of November but I never claim it,’. Because I don’t have time to get the certificate due to my busy work. Then now I have plan to claim it but its already October . I think 2month dikopa nakuha. It’s there a possibility na makukuha kupa?

  2. Jasnel

    Hi. Open ang NBI Banawa ug Saturday? Thank you.

  3. Jo Ann Grengia

    Hi Good day! I’m in Canada now. Pwede ko mag pa renew ako NBI? Dia nako forms with 2×2 passport photo. Pls advice me how or where to send my application? I really need it for immigration purposes.

  4. Jessie gaballo
    Jessie gaballo

    Meron na po ako nbi sundry me finger print na po from police department new zealand with police signature pede ko po ba i apply on line at kung pede po i authorize ko nalang po relatives ko jan sa cebu at magkano po ang bayad. Salamat po

  5. mary rose

    pwede ask ,pwede bah makakuha og nbi dri sa cebu niya nagpa online registration ky taod2x na tapos nka bayad na sd ang kulang nalang nko ky ang kanang finger print og pa picture nalang….? please answer me coz really needed.

  6. Shiena

    Hi. Ang NBI Jmall mu renew ba ug NBI from the person abroad?

  7. jassy

    Is it okay nga di ra e print ang application form? resibo lng dadon

  8. Kristine

    Actually, the J Center Mall office doesn’t accept walk-in applications anymore. The guard earlier today said they don’t have a bayad center there, so you need to apply online and pay in a bank or other bayad centers and set an appointment. 7 eleven is not a reliable payment method bec, like today, they were offline. Yes. Such an inconvenience.

  9. Gerry

    Pwde pa mg walk in regstration sa banawa branch?

  10. Mercy

    This is my first time to apply for nbi clearance online. I had paid it thru bayad center yesterday and received the confirmation of payment. My question is… Can i just claim in any satellite branch or is it really necessary to drop by in paseo arceo branch?

  11. kent

    what time should i go to paseo arcenas?

  12. pink

    Hi, i just got married. then kon magkuha kog NBI Clearance, married status na akong gamiton? mag register pa mn gud mi sa license number adto sa civil registrar..

  13. pink

    Hi, i just got married. then kon magkuha kog NBI Clearance, marreid status na akong gamiton? mag register pa mn gud mi sa license number adto sa civil registrar..

  14. Connie

    Hi, i applied online with N. Escario branch, could it be possibe to secure at Robinson’s Cybergate?

  15. kyle azodnem

    hello just in case i got hit, is there any additional payments for that? thANKS

  16. ephraim

    good morning

    pwede pa walk in sa NBI, and makuha dayon? tnx

  17. Cat

    what things do i need to bring for applying NBI clearance?

  18. Kathy

    Open tomorrow ang NBI office?

  19. Kathy

    Is NBI Office open tomorrow september 8,2016?

  20. Niño

    Naa unta ko pangutana,, pag Online data nako ba Niño man to akong ge suwat dli tingali to kabalo og ñ ang katong tig encode :( …niya wala na sad nako tan awa kung Niño ba tong na save information kay abi nako sakto na, niya pag tan aw nako sa resibo Nino man na name ang nabutang mao tingali na hit ko? or basig Nino na ang ma print did2 sa akong Nbi Clearance ma usab pa ba na, mobalik pa ko karong sept. 15, ? or mag fill up na sad ko og bag o?

  21. jeffrey

    i already to pay a METROBANK BRANCH for my NBI CLEARANCE,,, i have to asking about for my NBI CLEARANCE unsaon nato pagka hibalo og ma release ang NBI CLEARANCE kay ako unta plano ba mo claim ko sa akung NBI CLEARANCE 1ST TIME paman gud nako og Kuha sa NBI CLEARANCE

  22. Jandrea

    I already paid my payment for my NBI Clearance via Bayad Center. Is it possible If I will be on the Satellite Center after 2 weeks from the day of my payments for my Biometrics?

  23. betsy

    are they open on weekends?

  24. Jonathan

    Thank you for the info. Very helpful yet very concise. Thumbs up! Jonathan here, a financial advisor.

  25. cha

    tried two net cafes for online application.. but cannot access.. pwede ra magline d.i? ok..

  26. cendrix

    what is the required of NBI clearance ?

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