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Cebu myBus Guide: Fare, Routes, Bus Stations, Time, Updates


Last update: April 15, 2017

While the Bus Rail Transit (BRT) is on the works, SM Prime and Jam Liner launched a consortium of public transportation via the Cebu myBus not just to somehow alleviate the worsening traffic in Cebu but also to accommodate the public to pass through Mactan International Airport and South Road Properties (SRP) where the new SM Seaside City Cebu is located.

To start with 33 buses initially, there will be a total of 77 myBuses moving around the city. These buses are manufactured by Volvo, Mercedez Benz and Daewoo.

The Cebu myBus is PWD-friendly, GPS and CCTV-enabled making it a safe, secure and friendly transport service around Cebu. It can can accommodate 42 to 90 passengers, including standing passengers.


Something new and unique for Cebu-based commuters, passengers are REQUIRED to use the e-PLUS cards or tap-to-pay cards. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. This can be bought at any SM malls in Cebu and myBus stations. Below are the important things to remember:

  • MyBus cards are sold at P200 which already comes with an initial load of P100
  • Reloading is by P100’s only but with no load limit.
  • Load will not expire.
  • Inactive cards (for more than 2 years) is subject to a dormancy fee (TBA).
  • The e-PLUS card can also be used in SM cinemas, parking and other merchant services.


There are five (5) myBus routes:

Route #1: TALISAY – PARKMALL – TALISAY Northbound: LAWAAN TALISAY → Lawaan Skywalk → Kalmar St. → Talisay City Hall → San Isidro → Carmen → Consojong → Rabaya → Laray → Filinvest (Lantaw) → Kasadya SRP → Compania Maritima → SM City CebuPARKMALL

– 6:00AM to 8:00AM (30-min interval);
– 8:00AM to 9:00PM (1-hour interval)
Southbound: PARKMALLSM City Cebu → Compania Maritima → Filinvest → Laray → Rabaya → Cansojong → Carmen → San Isidro → Talisay City Hall → Kalmar St. → Starmall → Lawaan Skywalk → LAWAAN TALISAY

– 7:00AM to 6:00PM (1-hr interval);
– 6:00PM to 9:00PM (30-min interval);
– 9:00PM to 10:00PM (1-hr interval)
Route #2: TALISAY – SM SEASIDE – TALISAY Northbound: LAWAAN TALISAY → Lawaan Skywalk → Kalmar St. → Talisay City Hall → San Isidro → Carmen → Consojong → Rabaya → Filinvest (Lantaw) → Kasadya SRP → SM SEASIDE

– 8:00AM to 9:00PM (30-min interval)
Southbound: SM SEASIDE → Filinvest → Laray → Rabaya → Cansojong → Carmen → San Isidro → Talisay City Hall → Kalmar St. → Starmall → Lawaan Skywalk → LAWAAN TALISAY

– 9:00AM to 10:30PM (30-min interval)
Route #3: PARKMALL TO SM SEASIDE TO PARKMALL Southbound: PARKMALL → UC Med → SM City Cebu → Compania Maritima → SM SEASIDE

– 8:00AM to 10:00PM (20-min interval)
Northbound: SM SEASIDE → Compania Maritima → SM City Cebu → North Bus Terminal → UC Med Mandaue → Chong Hua Mandaue → PARKMALL

– 8:40AM to 11:00PM (20-min interval)

– 6:00AM to 10:00AM (30-min interval);
10:00AM to 9:00PM (20-min interval)
Southbound: MACTAN AIRPORT → Plaridel St. (Total Gas Station) → Parkmall / Big Hotel → North Bus Terminal → SM CITY CEBU

– 7:00AM to 11:00AM (30-min interval);
– 11:00AM to 9:30PM (20-min interval)
Route #5: SM CITY – PORT AREA – SM CITY Southbound: SM CITY CEBU → Port Area (Pier 1)

– 6:00AM to 7:40AM (20-min interval)

Northbound: PORT AREA (PIER 1) → Pier 3 → Sulpicio St. → Pier 4 → Second St. (Pier 5) → First St. (Pier 6) → SM CITY CEBU

– 6:20AM to 8:00AM (20-min interval)
Northbound: PORT AREA (PIER 1) → Pier 3 → Sulpicio St. → Pier 4 → Second St. (Pier 5) → First St. (Pier 6) → SM City Cebu → North Bus Terminal → PARKMALL

– 8:30AM to 2:10PM (20-min interval)

*20% OFF for Students and Senior/PWS
If the table above is confusing for you, check on the images below:



  • TALISAY to SM City / Parkmall:
  • – 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM (30-min interval);
    – 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM (1-hour interval)

  • PARKMALL / SM CITY to Talisay:
  • – 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM (1-hour interval);
    – 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (30-min interval);
    – 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM (1-hour interval)

  • TALISAY to SM Seaside:
  • – 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM (30-min interval)

  • SM SEASIDE to Talisay:
  • – 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM (30-min interval)

  • PARKMALL to SM Seaside:
  • – 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM (20-min interval)

  • SM SEASIDE to Parkmall:
  • – 8:40 AM to 11:00 PM (1-hour interval)

  • SM CITY CEBU to Mactan Airport:
  • – 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM (30-min interval);
    – 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM (20-min interval)

  • – 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM (30-min interval);
    – 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM (20-min interval)

  • SM CITY CEBU to Port Area (Pier 1):
  • – 6:00 AM to 7:40 AM (20-min interval)

  • PORT AREA (PIER 1) to SM City:
  • – 6:20 AM to 8:00 AM (20-min interval)
    – 8:30 AM to 2:10 AM (20-min interval)


1 SM Seaside City (Mountain Wing)
2 SM City Cebu (Wide parking lot at the back of Radisson Blu Hotel)
3 Talisay City (beside PTT Gas Station and near Fooda Talisay)
4 Mactan Airport (near Arrival exit doors)
14 more bus stations are to be built including in Mambaling, Talisay and Mactan Airport.


March 2016: 6 more MyBus units to ply Talisay-SM Seaside route that will ply from 7AM to 10PM daily.

May 2016: “Extended Mandaue” route has been implemented. Buses will now from SM City Cebu to JCentre Mall to Mandaue City Hall and vice versa.

June 2016: Mercedes Benz Conecto MyBus airport buses have arrived in Cebu. These will start operating by mid-July 2016.

July 2016: Just updated bus trips or schedules.

August 2016: Effective on August 1, 2016, the Extended Mandaue Route (Parkmall to J Center Mall) will be discontinued.

April 2017: Updated bus trips, routes and schedules.

Photos are taken from the wires.


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  1. Maika

    Is it strictly no cash policy? even for tourists???

  2. Shine Padayogdog

    Hello! I left my jacket in the bus😔 Is there any way i could get it back? How do i contact the bus in charge? :(

  3. Hannah

    Hi! Is it possible to board the mybus when your money on the card doesn’t reach the amount needed to be paid? Is there a way? Will it be negative? Or is it not possible?

  4. Divine Mohammad

    Hi, how can I get to the airport by riding on Mybus? I am from Talisay. How much would be my fare? Would it be also possible to get back here in Talisay by riding Mybus only?

  5. sam

    Is there still available KMK buses from SM City to South bus 10 pm onward?

  6. hannah amoro

    good morning. where we can buy card or load at parkmall arae for our my bus card. thank you

  7. Nicolette Robert Corro
    Nicolette Robert Corro

    Hi , pwede ang dogs sa mybus? Shih tzu from airport to sm city. Naka cage na sila. -thanks

  8. Louie


    I would just like to ask if there are other options aside from a cab going to Mandaue City since my arrival at Mactan airport will be at around Midnight. Based on the schedules provided for the Mybus, the last travel will be at 9:30 PM at most.

    And by the way, this guide is very handy.

    Thanks and best regards

  9. Rachel

    Hi, how to commute po from Mactan Airport to South Bus Terminal?

  10. Enelra

    Sir ask ko lang,kung pano pumunta sa temple of leah from mactan?

  11. ShnRmrz

    Hi, ano po sasakyan from SMCebu to Osmena Circle? Or is there a better drop off point from mactan airport para mas madali mkpunta sa Circle?

  12. Jelly

    Hi. Why is the SM City -> Pier 1 only operates from 6am-7:40am? Only 2 hours? Or is that a typo?


    Is there any route from SM Cebu City going to SM SEASIDE, and the pick-up point.

    Thank you!

  14. Del

    Thank you for this helpful post. Would like to know how to get to South Bus Terminal from Mactan Airport and how long does it take? Thanks again!

    • Ram Mancelita

      To save cost, you can ride a myBus from myBus to SM City Cebu. From SM City, it usually takes 30-45 mins going to South Bus.

      You can either ride a 10H jeepney (9 pesos) or a KMK Bus (15 pesos). Just tell the driver you’re going to South Bus.

      For convenience, you can ride a taxi or Uber. Estimated cost is P100-150 from SM City.

  15. Joan

    Pwede naay route in the morning from JCENTER TO AIRPORT and Airport to JCENTER? OR JCENTER TO MEPZA and MEPZA to JCENTER? Ky naay daghan trabahante sa mepza nga maglisud og saky para highway. Would that be possible?

  16. Kay

    Hello, sir
    What a wonderful guy you are! This post is very useful for everyone!
    And…do you know whether I can use the credit card to buy the prepaid card of Mybus?

  17. Irish Pilones

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    Yet we only ride one’s .

    What’s with 25 pesos ?

  18. julius

    hi is there any private buses going to sm cebu from the mactan airport then taxi going to cebu century hotel (more practical than taking a taxi going straight to the hotel) please help us thank you! or if any practical and safe way going the hotel from mactan airport will appreciate your reply thank you..

  19. Gen

    Hi. I would like to know if myBus has a route from SM City Cebu to Mountains View Nature’s Park? Thank you. :)

    • Butch Romano

      bogo ka. f4ck y0u bird brain.

    • Ram Mancelita

      Nope, no myBus route for that and that’s unlikely to happen in the future too. What you can do is, ride a taxi or jeepney going to JY Square Mall Lahug. Then walk going to SSY Center (where there’s Dessert Factory), just right across JY Square. You can ride a van there going to Mountain View. I think fare is only P80 per head.

  20. Manny

    Hi. Today Feb 18, 2018 . I waited from 7:35am to 8:05am at Filinvest Stop Over. No My bus showed up for Northbound Route. They said they pass every 30minutes from 6am to 8am. Anyway, I just took a cab .

  21. olpot

    when will e-bus have an SM Consolacion to Mandaue and vice versa route

  22. moises montero

    Hi! Sir/Madame, We are expecting and waiting your additional route in barangay Pusok lapu – lapu city as part of your improvement services.
    And also, what is the age limit of minor dependents that excempted in the Fare charges.

    Thank you

  23. marites noval

    sir iwant to take a mybus from work. i work near the sto nino church.. where will i take a ride if i am from near sto nino church and i want to step down in parkmall? pls help. or do you have a my bus that will stop in mandaue plaza?

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    Thank you so much for this helpful blog. I just wanna ask is there a MyBus from Mactan Airport to Ayala Cebu? Thank you.

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    May I know if there is a myBus route from Mactan-Cebu airport to Talisay City? and how much is the fare?


  33. Carlos

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  34. Marina

    hi, if i just want to go from SM City to airport, can i just buy the ticket P25, or i have to have the card ?

    • Marina

      my bad ! i read above “no cash” so it means i cant just buy the ticket without the card right.

      thank you!

      • Ling

        Thank you.why does It sell one way ticket at cebu airport?People no need to buy cards. But people want to back airport,they can’t buy one way ticket at other stations.

  35. Jewel Ivy Dumapias
    Jewel Ivy Dumapias

    Good morning Sir. Is there a reloading station for e-plus card at mactan airport? thanks

  36. Jewel Ivy Dumapias
    Jewel Ivy Dumapias

    Hi Sir. Asan po bus station malapit sa Osmena Fuente papuntang SM seaside? Thank you po.. ;)

  37. Jewel Ivy Dumapias
    Jewel Ivy Dumapias

    Hi Sir! Good pm. Same lang ba iyong e-plus card ang mybus card? Or kahit meron na akong e-plus card kailangan ko pa bumili ng mybus card? thanks

  38. Tine

    Hi! can a pair or group of passengers share one e-card? Silly question but a friend of mine mentioned that this is possible and I just had to confirm. Thanks!

  39. emari

    Hi! Ram,

    I have a question, incase we left some stuff on the bus, is there any contact number or person to call? Thanks!

    • Ram Mancelita

      Sorry to hear that. Try calling these numbers: (032) 2310557 and (032) 2313446 to 47. Make sure to mention the date and time of the incident, the route, and the specific items you left.

  40. robin

    The card is bought at 200, with a 100 consumable amount. Can you refund the remaining unused balance? Can you refund the card’s 100 peso cost?

  41. Joy

    Hi! Question. If ever I’ll buy an e-Plus card in any SM Mall in Manila, may I use it for Cebu myBus? Thank you in advance!

  42. Aly

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    is there a bus from sm cebu to seaside directly and vice versa? or do i have to ride multiple buses to get to the other?

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    Hi sir, i just got my mybus card a while a go. can i use it in purchasing items in savemore immediately?

  45. Jake Harold Sanchez

    Can i use my myBuss card for 3 persons going to sm seaside? From PArkmall to SM Seaside? Thanks..

  46. Durcas

    Is it possible for MyBus to drop & pick up passengers in Insular Square Mandaue. It too have Savemore.

  47. Jennifer

    Hello. What if po galing mactan airport? May mabibilan po ba ng mybus e- card dun sa airport,?

  48. aiko

    Hi! Is the ePLUS card used for paying cinema is also the same Ecard to be used for myBus?

  49. Aui Delmonte

    So informative. Great help. Thanks!

  50. Louie

    Sir pwede ba makasakay sa mybus kahit walang e-card magbabayad lng ako ng cash from SM Cebu City to Mactan Airport ?

  51. Louie

    Sir pwede ba makasakay sa mybus kahit walang e-card magbabayad lng ako ng cash from SM Cebu City to Mactan Airport

  52. Jojet Campos

    Hi Ram, My bus only stops at its designated bus stops? for example: I will be from SM City Cebu or Parkmall, then taking to mactan airport. Can I make the bus stop n d way to airport since I live in lapulapu, I dont need to go to airport?

  53. Julie Pabillore

    Hi Sir,
    Parkmall has bus stop already now or mulaby ra ang bus ddtu padung airport? ty

  54. melessa

    hi there nig aug.individual na ang card maau unta ug good for 4 lng ang card pra hapi sng family.. ky dghan mn lukatan ug card, kung sa bagay mkabayad mn japon ang mosakay nga moapil ug avail sa mybus card..para pud mka save ang family in buying a mybuscard

  55. clint cortes

    sir gud day ask lang if naa mapalitan ug mybus card sa lawwan, talisay, thanks

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    Good day!

    May we know the schedule of My bus from Mactan airport to SM Cebu please.


  57. aiza

    Goo evening po matanong q lang paano po makapunta sa lapu- lapu city from talisay at ilang sakay po ba bago makarating dun?salamat po.

  58. Aad Versteeg

    How come you suddenly change last bus from SM City to Talisay from 10 pm to 9 pm. The 10 pm bus was always full.

  59. Charlene

    Good day..our arrival time is at 1:10 pm..Is there myBus route 3 available by that time?thanks

  60. Pcapi Regionseven

    Good day!
    We are conducting seminars and part of our seminar is having a plant tour/site visit. Can mybus also be rented? Our tour is only half-day 1-5pm. What is the capacity of the bus and the cost if ever we can rent.
    Thank you very much! hoping to hear from you soon.

  61. Windy Rojas

    Hi, I’d like to ask if mo pick up ba ug pasehero ang my bus sa Carmen na bus stop? Uldog raman gud amo mao ask ko if pwde ra para dli na mag taxi padong sm seaside.

  62. arlene

    Hi I’m from Mandaue City, I just want to ask if there is a direct route from Jcentre mall mandaue going to Talisay?

  63. Ghia Mariz Glorioso
    Ghia Mariz Glorioso

    Is there a route from pier 1 then.near san marino residences?if none, aside of getting a taxi how will I get to san marino residences from pier 1?thanks

  64. Jessa

    Hi. If we are coming from Mactan Airport going to Cebu Century Hotel in Pelaez Street, on which station should we stop? Will appreciate your answer very much.

  65. Juan Cruz

    Will there be a route from Mactan Airport to Sto Nino, Cebu City?

    I’ll stay at Sampaguita Suites

    • Ram Mancelita

      Sorry to say but no bus passes through that area. You can either go to SM City or SM Seaside City then ride a taxi afterwards.

      If you want a cheaper fare, you can ride a jeepney (12I/12J) from the terminal of SM City Cebu.

  66. Adelaida Abella

    Sir can ask if there is a route from airport going to lawaan? thank you

  67. Cleofe

    Hi Ram, asa ta pwede kakuha ug schedule sa mga byahe? I’m from Talisay. Thank you.

    • Ram Mancelita

      It starts operating at 6AM then leaves every hour until 10pm. And vice versa.

      • Cleofe

        Dungan ang 6AM departure from SM City Cebu ug ang departure from Lawaan Talisay? Insakto ba nga ang bus stop sa Carmen kadtong my Flying V kung from SM then ang sa atbang ani kon padung SM? May bus stop ba sa Plaza Independencia?

  68. May

    Hi Sir, ask naman ako in regards sa payment thru e-plus ang gamit namin. Is it okay to use one card only? 7 kami mag-travel this coming july from airport to SM city. if my card has a load of 150?

    Thanks in advance..

  69. Max

    Hi Ram! Thanks for the beautiful article. I’m happy to see this transpost system introduced in our city. I hope someday that it would become really efficient to give our kababayans a secure and comfortable transport. I’m in Rome, and myBus is a kind of ATAC transport here. It is very efficient and comfortable system which includes underground trains, buses, trams and trains. I hope that in the near future myBus would adopt a payment system that would also be very convinient to passengers and PWDs. Different types of tickets and passes for different time duration: daily, weekly, monthly, annual. I’m using a pass with annual subscription and I can use it anywhere, anytime, as much as I want (at least within the city) for the whole year. It is very convinient especially for a student who takes a public transport everyday. I don’t know if it is alright to post here a link for their website which might be helpful to give an idea to the myBus admin (http://www.atac.roma.it/page.asp?p=52) I wish the fare would be cheaper with myBus. Thanks again for your article.

    • Ram Mancelita

      That’s interesting, thanks for sharing. Would appreciate it even more if there’s an English translation directly on the website. Also, I still think the myBus fare is already fair and affordable enough considering that it needs to sustain its operations even for the next 5 to 10 years. Students, senior citizens and PWDs get 20% discount on the fare anyway.

  70. melody cimafranca
    melody cimafranca

    my route is sm to airport. 1st question -will it be non-stop for airport or it will stop in another station? 2nd question is “what is the schedule?’. 3rd-due to traffic, how long is the expected travel time from sm-airport?. 4th-where is the station in the airport? 5th-how many luggages allowed ?

    • Ram Mancelita

      Are you referring to SM City Cebu or SM Seaside City?

      1 – No transfers, but there will be few stops for passenger pickup.
      2 – I’m not sure, but bus leaves every 30 minutes.
      3 – Depends on the time you leave. If from SM City, usually takes an hour. If from SM Seaside, usually 1 hour and 30 mins or so.
      4 – If from the city, drop off is at Departure Area. The station or waiting area is at the exit doors of the Arrival area.
      5 – There’s no definite luggage limit, I think, but the bus is a bit spacious (there are areas where you can put large objects). As long as your luggages don’t block the way, you’re good to go.

  71. neil

    Sir… you have a route from mandaue to SM SEASIDE?

    • Ram Mancelita

      You can take Route #4 (Parkmall to Lawaan Talisay), this will make a stop at SM Seaside City.

      This is the route #4: Parkmall → Chong Hua → UC Med → North Bus Terminal → SM City Cebu → SM Seaside City → Filinvest → Rabaya → Cansojong → Carmen → San Isidro → Kalmar → lawaan Skywalk → Lawaan Talisay

      • Adelaida Abella

        sir can i ask if there is route from airport going to south? thank you..

      • Cleofe

        Sir, for route #4, unsay schedules ani from SM City Cebu to Lawaan and from Lawaan to SM City Cebu? Asa sad ang bus stop sa Carmen dapit to and from kay basin sayop akong gitindogan ganina :) Salamat!

  72. Lee Pada

    Ram, correct me if im wrong. naay direct lawaan to sm city bus right? no more transfer sa seaside?

  73. Dirkeke

    Hi Ram, can I used eplus card tap to pay from SM cinema?

  74. Djay

    H,i how much cost from airport to sm cebu..?thnks

  75. ray

    HI, may I ask if who operated the “myBus” transit? is there any office/s or admin here in Cebu where we can ask some queries? thank you so much in advance for answering.

  76. JN Vianney Dagandan
    JN Vianney Dagandan

    Do mybus offer sponsorships?

  77. Chi

    Is there a mybus stop at fuente?

  78. Christoph

    Are these cards like SM advantage like you need to wait for a week or two for it to be released.?

  79. Sha

    Sir, makakabili ba ng card sa arrival area ng mactan airport?

  80. Jnn

    Meron po bang my bus na from Mactan airport passing Pier 1,yung Mactan Airport to Fooda/Mcdo Talisay city dada an ba yun nang Pier 1?

    • Mary

      yes, meron MyBus from the Mactan Airport but baba nlng kau ng SM City at sasakay ng ibang MyBus papuntang SM Seaside…dadaan ang bus na eto sa Pier 1 pro baba kayo entrance ng SRP. lakad nlng kau papuntang Pier 1.


      baba kayo sa SM City at sakay nlng kau ng jeep na 12J or 12F yata yun at sabihin nyo sa driver na pa pier 1 kau…mas malapit lng lakarin kesa from the entrance of SRP.

  81. Jose Christian P. Paulino
    Jose Christian P. Paulino

    How do we get there at SM Seaside from Lapu-lapu City? I’m from Samar tho. Thanks in advance.

  82. stela lucero

    could we ride in your my bus wherin the passenger have with them there
    travelling luggages. does it limit to passenger with many cargoes along

  83. Jemabz

    Hello, i am from Talisay. I just want to confirm what time will the operation start here in Lawaan Talisay Terminal. Thanks

  84. marion

    up to now there is still bus plying sm-airport? and how bout those from the airport goin to sm where can they get mybus card?

    • Ram Mancelita

      There’s a mini counter where you can buy an ePlus card for myBus near the exit doors of the Arrival area.

      • Eva

        Hi! You mentioned that the counter to buy the EPlus card for myBus is near the Exit doors of the arrival area. Does Mactan airport have the same arrival area for domestic and international? Or does International have a different arrival area? Secondly, are the MyBus parked in front of the arrival exit doors? Your response is greatly appreciated and thank you.

  85. bryan

    you can pay multiple passengers using 1 MyBus card. You need to approach their desk in the station and they will give you tickets.

  86. Juvy

    Can i use the e-card for 5 persons going to sm seaside?

  87. amethyst

    is it true that each passengers needs to have their own mybus card?? unlike before 1 mybus card can be enough for many massengers

  88. Millesa Mae Bayog

    I have question too, how do I get e-plus card?

  89. Neko

    Can I use my e-Plus Card to pay for two?

  90. Yo

    I had a bad, bad experience (safety issue) with one of the MyBus transports on Jan. 1, 2016. I need to report this to the authorities managing the bus line.
    I ask kindly for your assistance in this regard.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    More power to you!

  91. fred

    good if there is a routes from Cebu city proper maybe at fuete osmena to mactan airport viseversa

  92. Karren

    As we wait for the 14 additional bus stations to be built, do we have to be at the current allocated bus stations to get a ride? What about those that are in between say someone at San Isidro Talisay area? Would they stop if we hail them beyond bus stations points?

    • Ram Mancelita

      There are a couple of myBus Stop signage planted along the Talisay-Seaside route. I saw one under the skywalk near Ken Taxi Lawaan, another one in front of Talisay City Hall, and one across Gaisano SRP. However, I don’t have yet the full list of the bus points.

  93. arelalala

    I have a question. On November 27, on free mybus rides, do we have to have an e-plus card?

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