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13 Reasons Why THE PYRAMID is the Next Big Dining Bistro in Cebu

You do not see a pyramid-shaped bistro every day (unless you work near eBloc 3 because definitely you will). Tread along W. Geonzon St. but try not to turn your heads to this awe-inspiring architecture. People will definitely ask “What’s the name of that place?” It’s not just any place, ...

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Beat the Summer Heat with Starbucks

Summer here is one of the most exciting seasons for Filipinos. It is a time for fun vacations in some of the most wonderful destinations in the country. From globally-renowned tropical getaways like Cebu, Boracay and Palawan to cold destinations like Baguio or Banaue, summer is a season to bond ...

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terrazas de flores busay

Walk and dine with nature at Terrazas de Flores

  There’s just so much to see in the province of Cebu, especially with developed attractions opening here and there. One is Terrazas de Flores, the Philippines’ first and only flower terraces. Terrazas de Flores is a flower garden where local flowers are meticulously arranged on a mountain slope to ...

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Cebu Safari in Carmen to reopen this December 2017

It’s no wonder Cebuanos will get giddy about the reopening of the Cebu Safari in Carmen, another tourist spot that will surely attract a lot local and foreign visitors and boost local tourism especially in the town of Carmen. Cebu Safari Zoo, a 100-hectare safari owned by Cebuano pawnshop tycoon ...

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6 Date Ideas to do in Cebu on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Do you already have plans for your special someone? Or are you just going to hang out with your barkada? It doesn’t really matter (or does it?) whether you’re in a relationship or you’re enjoying the single life — Valentine’s Day is for everyone! And ...

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