Allison Irv Miller

"There will be days that I'd find myself in different places, but my heart will always be in Cebu."  

Mechanical Engineer | Cebu City

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Popular Dried Fruit Snacks in Cebu

Cebu is popular not only for its tourist destinations but also because its delectable cuisine. From the world-famous crispy and tasty lechon, to local street favorites like ginabot, the Cebuano palate is surely an interesting one. Of course, Cebuano desserts are things of their own, and one outstanding example are …

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Valentine’s Date Ideas Amid Community Quarantine

1 Valentine's Date Ideas Community Quarantine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but with the threat of COVID-19 still looming, celebrating this intimate occasion this year can be quite tough for most couples. Some couples might have probably arranged a “Zoom date” with their SOs, but to some, Valentine’s is an occasion that must be …

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‘Single-Use Plastic Ban’ Bill in the Philippines

Single Use Plastic Waste Philippines

As technology advances, it cannot be denied that we are producing more and more waste. Some of these wastes cannot be easily decomposed, especially single-use plastics. Single-use plastics, or also known as disposable plastics are plastics only used once before they are thrown away. Most popular single-use plastics are plastic …

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La Provinzia: Homey Urban Vibes in Camotes

2 La Provinzia Camotes Island Cebu

There’s always that distinct relaxation vibes that only the province life can provide. If you’re living in the heart of Cebu City as of the moment and you wish to relive that probinsyano/probinsyana life for a day or two, La Provinziana in Camotes Island might be the place to give …

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