Allison Irv Miller

"There will be days that I'd find myself in different places, but my heart will always be in Cebu."  

Mechanical Engineer | Cebu City

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Budbod Kabog: Catmon’s Version of Suman

Filipinos have their own taste when it comes to desserts, with rice as one of the staple ingredients when making them. Puto, biko, budbod – you name it; all of these are all-time Filipino classics loved by all ages. In the northern part of Cebu, specifically in Catmon, a unique take …

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2021 Guide: How to Get Your Passport in Cebu

The Philippine passport has seen big improvements and progress over the years. In fact, as of 2020, passport holders can visit 67 destinations visa-free. According to the latest Henley & Partners Passport Index, this makes our country’s passport the 76th most powerful passport in the world out of 199 countries. The …

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