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5 Things to Do to Keep Entertained in Cebu

bantayan cebu

Cebu is one of the most popular destinations in The Philippines. Comprised of more than 150 islands and islets, as well as Cebu Island itself, there is plenty to do for anyone wanting to visit the region. When travelling to such a distinctive and exciting location, you can be faced …

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New Zealand: Discover a Luxury Retirement Haven

new zealand

Planning for your retirement can be a surprisingly creative process, especially if you would like to infuse it with a twist of luxury. Cebu is an amazing place to spend some time during retirement, yet it is by no means the only location prospective pensioners consider in the wider area. …

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3 Ways to bring a bit of Luxury to your stay in Cebu

cebu luxury

The Philippines has always proven popular with holidaymakers and travellers through the years, with Cebu in particular attracting its fair share of attention. It has certainly done well recently as the region welcomed more than 5.5 million tourist arrivals across 2018. Furthermore, just over 2.8 million of them came from …

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Cebu Sumibi Yakiniku Tajimaya: Grill All You Want, Eat All You Can


Yakiniku! If the Korean cuisine has the famous Samgyeopsal, the Japanese has its distinct version, the Yakiniku — a Japanese term that means “grilled meat”. Cebu Sumibi Yakiniku Tajimaya offers a unique and authentic Japanese dining experience with its smoke-free charcoal-grilled (yakiniku) food. Perfectly grilled delicacies, unlimited meat and authentic …

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