Jerome Palomaria

"The world deserves the beauty of the Queen."

Writer | Cebu City

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Gorio’s Bakery: A new way to enjoy bread

No Filipino tongue wouldn’t be familiar with the taste of pandesal or ensaymada. Their tastes have been etched into every Filipino’s childhood with parents serving warm, soft batches bought from the bakery on the dining table every morning paired with preferred warm beverages. Gorio’s Bakery has made it their mission to …

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GVFF Coffee Shop: Brews and Enchanting Views

For anyone who has a penchant for moody weathers and aesthetic sceneries, GVFF Coffee Shop has you covered. Situated in a forest in the middle of nowhere and possessing enchanting views, GVFF Coffee Shop serves energizing cups of coffee to passers-by who happen to visit this far flung establishment. Photo from …

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Cebu Golf: 5 Golf Courses in Cebu with Stunning Views

Limestone plateaus, rolling hills, and verdant mountain ranges all usually make great spots for golfing and the upper regions of Cebu aren’t short on land masses that are perfect for the sport. The subtle inclines and rolls of the mountainous areas are perfect for creating challenging angles to hit the …

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