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7 Great Finds at Mactan Newtown


Strong, independent metropolis. Mactan Newtown continues to progress the economy of its city with its diverse attractions day and night. Here is a quick preview of ultimate finds from the evolved Mactan Newtown — from hotels and condos, restaurants, beaches, to events and festivities. 1. MACTAN NEWTOWN CONDO WITH AN …

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Voda Krasna: Perfect Beach Staycation in Alcoy

Voda Krasna Beach Alcoy Cebu

Need to unwind but having a hard time picking the right place? Alcoy has one of the finest beaches and peaceful landscapes in Cebu.  As prestigious as the province of Alcoy sounds when speaking of beaches, there lies a hidden treasure just along the roads of Daanglungsod, Alcoy, Cebu — …

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