Arthur Paul Monteclar

"Cebu - my starting place of exploring Earth's many wonders."

RD Engineer | Cebu City

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Must Eat: The 10 Best Food Cebu Has To Offer

Cebu is home to many delicious foods and delicacies: from the sweet and sour dried mangoes to the salty and crispy chicharon, eating them will not let you forget landing in Cebu. After all, the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through their stomach. As Filipinos, food is …

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10 Attractions in Cebu You Can Visit For FREE!

There are times, if not all the time, that you cannot withhold your wanderlust. You want to continue moving your feet and exploring throughout the world, uncovering all the hidden secrets and gems of Cebu. However, there are also times, if not all the time, when we’re broke i.e. don’t …

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What Happened to Pokémon Go? Its Rise & Fall

Picture this: you’re back in July 5, 2016. Covid-19 has not existed yet and plagued the world. You can go anywhere anytime you want. Duterte and Robredo just won the elections. WAP hasn’t existed yet, and Pokémon Go had just come out. Within the following weeks, almost everyone has Pokémon …

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Cebu Hawk Owl: Cebu’s Cute & Charming Endangered Bird

1 Cebu Hawk Owl

Owls are cute animals. If you haven’t seen gifs of owls jumping around in excitement or spreading their wings to soar into the sky, you’re missing out on some cuteness overload. Sometimes, they are even referred to as birds installed with cat software. Who doesn’t love owls? Well Cebuano owl …

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