Cebu Sinulog Parties 2020: The What’s, Where’s, and How’s

Cebuanos are always looking forward to Sinulog. After a month of blessings from the holiday season comes instantly the Sinulog Season — the season where the whole Cebu is joyful and festive.

One of the things many people are looking forward to, of course, are the parties.

While Sinulog is a religious event to celebrate and honor the Sr. Santo Niño, it is also a cultural festival. Many parties spring up here and there as par with the festivity. So, here is a guide on the whereabouts of the Sinulog party spirit.

January 17: Baladhay Music Festival

If you enjoy every drop and beat of the music, then Baladhay Music Festival is the go-to place for you. Come and witness some of the nation’s anticipated bands such as IV of Spades, Sepia Times, Mandaue Nights, and more. There will also be a food park available so partying hungry will never be a problem.

  • When: Jan 17, 2020, Friday
  • Who: IV of Spades, Sandwich, Pedicab, Ace Ramos, Gino V., Budoy, Sepia Times, Mandaue Nights
  • Where: City De Mare, Cebu City
  • Ticket Prices:
    • ₱1,500 for General Admission
    • ₱2,500 for VIP Standing
    • ₱50,000 for VIP Table for 10
    • ₱75,000 for VIP Lounge
  • Where to Buy: / 0917 709 2804
  • Facebook Event Page: link

January 17-18: Hydro Cebu Music Festival

LA Plage is here with Hydro Cebu Music Festival! With a long list of DJs, singers, and musicians from all around the music scene, and of course the biggest splashing pool party, this one shouldn’t be miss. Be ready to get pumped up and wet!

  • When: January 17 – 18, 2020, Friday to Saturday
  • Who:
    • January 17: Undercover, Damat, Sheryl Lynn, Saninja, Callum David, Katsy Lee, Franco Zarate, LV Lim, Razikyle Enciso, John Bosque, John Roa, MC DM, MC Gudavibes
    • January 18: Sesco, Maily, Marc Marasigan, Shigaluv, CLR, Marxx A Alwyn Cruz, Hannah Ichiko, Victor Jao, Kate, Waffster, MC Chunk, MC AJ, MC Blaize
  • Where: La Plage Club, North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City, Cebu
  • Ticket Price:
    • ₱1,000 for One Day Access
    • ₱1,500 for Two Days Access
  • Where to Book: 09951414503 / 09287611889 / [email protected]
  • Facebook Event Page: link

January 18: Sinulog Fyre

You may have already heard the name Fyre, which is from the actual disaster of a party in America, but this time it is a party that will be a success. Come to City Time Square and experience the outdoor party with Top 100 International DJ Deniz Koyu and Asia’s Top Sexiest DJ Tiara Typinski.

  • When: January 18, 2020, Saturday
  • Who: Tiara Typinsky, Shanti Dope, Gruppo Tribale, Those Damn Nerd, Charlz, Joachim Giacobbe, MC AJ, MC Dwight
  • Where: City Times Square Open Parking, Mandaue City
  • Ticket Prices:
    • ₱900 for General Admission
    • ₱1,500 for VIP
  • Where to Book:
  • Facebook Event Page: link

January 18-19: B2B Sinulog Festival

For the car-lovers out there, the B2B Sinulog Festival is arriving with two days of a car show, rigs, chilling, and a party. Show up to see the splendor and array of magnificent cars right up your alley. What’s even better is that it is free for everyone to enjoy!

  • When: January 18-19, 2020, Saturday to Sunday
  • Where: Phoenix Banilad Station, Banilad, Cebu City (near/across Gaisano Country Mall)
  • Ticket Price: FREE
  • Facebook Event Page: link

January 16-19: The Sentral’s Sinulog 2020 Party

The well-known Sentral Cebu never fails to deliver as it rolls out a banger this Sinulog. Book your tables now and experience the spirit and intensity of the club parties.

“3 International Artists, 5 Manila Artists, 16 Local Artists, 2 VENUES, 1 PARTY! Join us this SINULOG 2020! Book your tables as early as now and let’s all get ready to PIT SENYOR!”

  • When: Jan 16, 2020, Thursday – Jan 19, 2020, Sunday, 9 PM – 4 AM
  • Who: Cris Nelson, Drew Sarmiento, Renzo, Joachim Giacobbe, Bryan G, Short, Mister Mozo, Carlo Lagda, John Bosque, DJ KB, Poliky Yu, Toffi Jamiro, Elaine, Steven Cortes, Knicki Picar, Gudavibes
  • Where: #2 Norkis Cyberpark, A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City, Cebu
  • Table Rates:
    • D – Duke table – 5k consumable (good for 4-6 pax)
    • LHT – Long high table – 8k consumable (good for 8-10 pax)
    • H – High table – 6k consumable (good for 5-7 pax)
    • B1 – Brown Lounge – 8k consumable (good for 7-9 pax)
    • B2-B4 – Brown Lounge 2-4 – 7k consumable (good for 5-7 pax)
    • C – Center Lounge – 10k consumable (good for 10-12 pax)
    • PL – Panda Lounge – 15k consumable (good for 25 pax // another additional 10pax for 1,500 additional fee)
  • Where to Book: 0925-800-0008
  • Facebook Event Page: link

January 19: Intencity Sinulog MMXX

Rumour Gastropub gives us a peak of their event, Intencity Sinulog MMXX. It’s been a tradition for many to celebrate our Cebuano festival with raving music and epic beats, and Intencity plans to bring it up on the table. Right now, details are still coming up so stay tuned to their Facebook Page and Event.

  • When: Jan 19 at 2:30 PM – Jan 20 at 1 AM
  • Where: Vibo Place, N. Escario St., Cebu City
  • Ticket Price: To Be Announced
  • Facebook Event Page: link

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